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War Banners: Taking Away our Benefits!

Parcoria22Parcoria22 Posts: 233
More than once, I have set up an attack with full armorer tools and decide to throw on some glory banners for fun. I, for one, have resisted every time because unfortunately, adding war banners decreases travel time. But why?

The speeds were [recently] changed to allow a faster travel time for ruby and armorer tools, as well as many of the higher-end troops. Simply put, as you spend more you earn more. :thumbsup:

"Ruby players" who attack with only armorer tools must decide between more glory or faster travel speed. Travel speed directly effects an army's detection by the enemy granting them an earlier warning horn thus allowing the possibility for more support to arrive. Ip so facto, "Ruby players" must decide between more enemy support or less glory. :thumbdown:

If war banners had 28 travel speed, then bigger spenders would retain the intentionally faster travel speed of a full armorer tool attack. Meanwhile, smaller buyers would remain unaffected due to the 22 travel speed of iron mantlets and siege towers. Or perhaps the armorer can learn to craft a higher quality, light-weight and (obviously) more expensive war banner?

Why should heavy ruby buyers be penalized for spending more rubies?? ?(
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  • WuerfelWillyWuerfelWilly Posts: 2,027
    edited 31.05.2013
    Hey Parcoria,

    Thank you for your message! Your Feedback was absoultely nice and we will definitely discuss this in the team. If we ever choose to make them faster, you can say that this was because of your post :)

  • Baldrick (GB1)Baldrick (GB1) Posts: 4,948
    edited 31.05.2013
    You may want to consider the same thing for moat bridges which also have a travel speed of 22.
  • Parcoria22Parcoria22 Posts: 233
    edited 31.05.2013
    The system works! :D
    Baldrick wrote: »
    You may want to consider the same thing for moat bridges which also have a travel speed of 22.

    As they should. It's their armorer counterpart, the boulders, that have 28 speed.
  • DrIonDrIon Posts: 144
    edited 01.06.2013
    banners and war banners shouldn't be the main reason of the slowdown... they're just to gain more glory, not decrease defenses, just make them all max speeds that would be wonderful

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