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  • mtlvemtlve Posts: 89
    edited 30.05.2013
    Lenzabi wrote: »
    She even admitted the first thread she posted that she stole an RV the word used, and being the operative "stole" so why she feels the need to cry about it rather than learn from her mistake is any one's guess.

    I stole 1 rv from unknown person around date that I was accused of this. The date did not match date I stole it though. I said that I took it since I assumed that this corresponded to the one that I did take. Over a week later, another player contacted me and said I took rv from him on the exact date that I would have done it and gave me the report. I only took 1 rv around this time, and this could have only been the one that I took from the other player. There was no way that I stole the one that tigers accused me of, but I did not know this until I was contacted by the other guy a week ago and a week after this all started.

    Hence I assumed I took it at the time of the original posts. I was very skeptical about it at the time, so I did argue with them about it for awhile. I did not know who i had taken rv from on that date. I now know, since they contacted me.
    If I stole 1 rv on x date and someone had report and said i took on x date, I obviously took their rv and no one elses on that date. I again only stole 1 so this means I did not take the rv the other rv that lacked the correct timeline and report.

    I was wrong to steal the rv from the other player but I returned it quickly. Stealing rvs from people that are presumed to be inactive is very common. Usually at least 1 person assumes this about me/day, so I know that this is very common practice in many alliances. As long as it is resolved peacefully, this should not be huge issue.

    Anyways stop posting false * on this forum about me and this story if u do not know the story. there are too many inaccurate posts here. Yes I said that I stole the rv but later in the threads I mention the new developments and that my assumption of stealing it was incorrect.
  • Parcoria22Parcoria22 Posts: 233
    edited 30.05.2013
    Anybody is fair game to attack. The only reason anybody is "off-limits" is because of the repercussions that might follow an attack. If anybody leaves their alliance for any reason, or makes a 1-man alliance of their own, there is no fault in attacking them. An alliance protects its members via pacts and treaties and if a player chooses to face the server alone then so be it.

    Many players often leave their alliance to trade villages/outposts with other members of their alliance. Since they are in no alliance they have no rules, diplomacies, treaties, or pacts and are fair game for all. Personally, I don't keep a running tab on which player is in which alliance and so will take a screen shot after I send an attack on these players. Since they are in no alliance (or a 1-man alliance) the picture proves no fault in action.

    Alliances are a form of protection. Think twice before walking away from one.
  • SparksterSparkster Posts: 450
    edited 30.05.2013
    Thread closed by original poster's request.
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