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Display Issues



  • NewBOSS269NewBOSS269 Posts: 41
    edited 06.05.2013
    it happens whenever you try to put an apostraphe.
    NewBOSS269 @ usa 1

    H.I.V.E Family
  • bananenschoenen (NL1)bananenschoenen (NL1) NL1 Posts: 2
    edited 07.05.2013

    Sometimes in the chat stand &145; what is that???
    It isn't always but I dislike it!!!

    Pls help me!

    Greetz bananashoes
    bananenschoenen @ nl 1
  • xJadetsssxxJadetsssx Posts: 5,983
    edited 07.05.2013
    "&145" That is the HTML value for the apostrophe. You can't do anything about it, just don't use apostrophes in chat and wait until they fix it.
    Does this looks like the face of mercy?

    Lurking the forums since 2011.
    xJadetsssx @ Ɩ ǝsɹǝʌıun
  • extremebluenessextremeblueness Posts: 1
    edited 08.05.2013
    Okay, so I've been having this problem with apostrophes since I first tried to type an apostrophe into alliance chat. Every single time it prints as "&145;". Any idea why this is happening and/or when it will get fixed. Because I know that everyone in my alliance is getting tired of the bug.
    System.out.println("Apostrophes hate me in alliance chat.");
  • YuragonerYuragoner Posts: 188
    edited 09.05.2013
    TacoRocco wrote: »
    This is old news. We all know about it and so does tech support. You should do a little research before posting up a thread.

    Try this: http://en.board.goodgamestudios.com/empire/showthread.php?62331

    If you have issues with features on the game, try searching a few keywords, and if you get no relevant results, then post up a bug report/question

    When a bug becomes old news why complain about multiple threads asking about it?

    The more threads about bugs that have been around for a long time -the better- as far as I am concerned.
    Yuragoner @ usa 1
  • Hal90002Hal90002 Posts: 89
    edited 09.05.2013
    I have a makeshift solution to this problem. Instead of using an apostrophe try using the quotatation marks " situated above the 2 key. I know it"s not perfect but it works for me.
    Hal9000 @ WWW 1
  • Pipplepepper (GB1)Pipplepepper (GB1) Posts: 509
    edited 09.05.2013
    Come on GGE - about time this was fixed. Stop procrastinating and get it sorted. Where does the cash we pay for rubies go to?

    Finger out of fundament - nose to grindstone - that sort of thing. COME ON - sort it!
    Pipplepepper @ en 1

    No to tribute update.
  • WuerfelWillyWuerfelWilly Posts: 2,027
    edited 13.05.2013
    Hey Guys,

    we are aware of that problem but unfortunately I am not able to tell you, if that bug is going to be fixed with tomorrows update. Please have a little more patience :)

    We will of course a list of all fixed bugs after the update.


  • TerriahTerriah Posts: 507
    edited 14.05.2013
    It's nice to see some of these issues have been fixed such as the apostrophe, copy and paste functions have been returned etc.
    Terriah @ en 1
  • confuzzionconfuzzion Posts: 282
    edited 14.05.2013
    copy and paste was a must...ty GGE
    Name: Confuzzion
    Level: 60
    Alliance: Army Of Darkness
    Location: USA 1


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