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how to get colossus?

arief 13 peinarief 13 pein Posts: 1
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can you tell me how to get the colossus?
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  • hampe182hampe182 Posts: 202
    edited 06.01.2013
    your to late man. it was like a month ago.
    hampe18 8)
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  • epiclegend2epiclegend2 Posts: 8
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    can you tell me how to get the colossus?

    u complete one of the adventures
    epiclegend2 8)
  • nicknamearyanicknamearya Posts: 171
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    that's wrong, hampe18 is right
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  • derkaderderkader Posts: 765
    edited 07.01.2013
    event is gone it was here for like a week then gone sorry
  • Cillall2Cillall2 Posts: 1
    edited 28.02.2013
    the thing is starting back up again today.
    so your all wrong!!!!
    Cillall2 @ usa 1
  • BossdudeBossdude Posts: 386
    edited 28.02.2013
    If you really want to know, you have to donate resources. More resources donated = more points = more PO = better resource output in one of the castles that you choose to put it in.
    Who's boss now?????:D
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  • Emporer9Emporer9 Posts: 2
    edited 06.04.2013
    Complete a adventure
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    Adventures give relics, not the colossus. The colossus is an event which as appeared twice so far, so it might appear again (though that would mean some people would have three, it might be a while). You pay resources to add points, which add PO to your colossus. But you must wait for the event (called "scaffolding for the colossus") to return to build one yourself.
  • RoboPandaRoboPanda Posts: 57
    edited 06.04.2013
    It is an event once you click it will ask you for wood and stone to build it then wait for the end of the event
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  • DarkAhmad8DarkAhmad8 Posts: 1
    edited 24.04.2013
    Guys i need to build the colossus how and where and when will i get to build it;(;(;(;(
    DarkAhmad8 @ usa 1
  • TerriahTerriah Posts: 507
    edited 24.04.2013
    DarkAhmad8 wrote: »
    Guys i need to build the colossus how and where and when will i get to build it;(;(;(;(

    You could read Super Swifts post.


    You get the colossus statue through the colossus building event.
    During this event you can put resources into the building of the colossus. The more resources you put in, the more public order the colossus has. However, high public order is expensive.


    You could have read the topic titled colossus which is literally 6 topics below this, now you've posted it. It would have been topic number 5 on the first page.
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  • swantonbomb (GB1)swantonbomb (GB1) Posts: 357
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    :Di wonder when it will be back on again.
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  • WardianWardian Posts: 1,017
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    Not too soon I dont think
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