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robber barons , barbarian towers . what's the difference:?:

anthony702anthony702 Posts: 164
edited 06.05.2013 in Technical Assistance
when looking at the everwinter quests it says "defeat robber barons level 20 or higher" can this be fixed?!?!
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anthony70 @ en 1



  • DClucasDClucas Posts: 159
    edited 06.05.2013
    What it means by "defeat robber barons level 20 or higher" is for you to defeat a Barbarian tower in Everwinter Glacier. Barbarian towers are the 'Everwinter Glacier versions' of robber barons in the Great Empire.

    Edit: Take a look at this, for example: http://prntscr.com/13oore

    This is a cultists tower (level 47 right now) but it still says "robber baron castle"; it is the same principles with barbarian towers.

    Hope this helped (it is not a bug by the way :) )

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  • anthony702anthony702 Posts: 164
    edited 06.05.2013
    thank you for answering my question
    anthony70 @ en 1

    GO BLUES!!!!
  • Matt PattonMatt Patton Posts: 206
    edited 06.05.2013
    you can win a rober castle attack with the def troops when your ready to make better troops in everwinter
    but it will fail in sand
    also the barbs talk smack when you complete a rober quest
    Matt Patton @ usa 1

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