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Needed changes to defeats

EpicZachary128EpicZachary128 Posts: 186
I think that when you get attacked and beat there should not be as much fire as there is now, because i have gotten attacked and beat and there is fire everywhere in my ice castle. What do you think?
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  • Sam4 (GB1)Sam4 (GB1) Posts: 464
    edited 25.04.2013
    Yes. I got triple attacked in fire about 2 months ago. The cost to put out the fires was 20k rubies - thanks for trolling me GGE.

    Obviously that's ridiculous, and I put them all out by hand. It took me at least two weeks of course. It was horrific - I think some people must quit the game over fires. Either reduce the number of fires, or reduce the rubies it costs to put them out. Obviously GGE need income and so it should cost rubies to put them out automatically, but the prices at the moment are often absurd.

    Sam4 - Leader of EPICNESS @UK1
  • EpicZachary128EpicZachary128 Posts: 186
    edited 25.04.2013
    i agree with you sam
    EpicZachary128 @ usa 1
  • WhipplerWhippler Posts: 286
    edited 25.04.2013
    totally I got attacked yesterday and its going to take at least a week to put it out if not more
    Whippler @ usa 1
  • FamousZack9FamousZack9 Posts: 2,943
    edited 03.05.2013
    i would vote for the "well i don't know, maybe." Non rubie buyers have a problem with the fires and they would agree with you. The Rubie buyers will be 50-50 on this one. They would say it would waste there rubies, and need to buy more. But this is a war game, so you expect some fires.
    (Part time)

  • LOL LOL2LOL LOL2 Posts: 566
    edited 04.05.2013
    more fires the better for your enemies
  • DClucasDClucas Posts: 159
    edited 04.05.2013
    Well, if there was less fires then nobody would buy fire stations so there would not be any point in them. Personally, I think the number of fires is just fine, if you don't want fires, get your defences up :)

    Who said there should be more ways to get rubies and coins?

    Level 60 :)
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