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Food display bug

2274adventurer22274adventurer2 Posts: 1
edited 02.05.2013 in Technical Assistance
My outpost only has 20 solders, and I am making almost 300 food per hour, but the text is written in red, as if it is negative food production. My troops are deserting, but they have enough food. Please help with this bug!!!
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  • DClucasDClucas Posts: 159
    edited 02.05.2013
    I think this is just a display bug; my outpost has red food although theres enough food for my troops :) Annoying, but your troops shouldnt desert, if they do then contact support.

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  • cooldude20cooldude20 Posts: 128
    edited 02.05.2013
    well if you are produce not enought food for them then it will be red for example if i have 400 troops with a comsupion of 1600 food and i am only producing 1400 then i will loes food and loes troops
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