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level 31 ruby buyer 600 honor looking for clan

luckshotzluckshotz Posts: 5
edited 03.05.2013 in Player Introductions
was kicked out of aod hitmen previously known as impervious for missing 1 war cause i had real life 2 deal with looking for a bigger even better org and will move to be near as well
luckshotz @ usa 1
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  • Vortex4Vortex4 Posts: 29
    edited 27.04.2013
    If u were In India i'd let u join..:)images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQpUXcFGmvb3zcaGuUUhEIxIQ5Pc7JkYllPQka4G7Ty7W0_1vBRepJDVMyG7A
    Vortex @ in 1
  • camronxs3camronxs3 Posts: 7
    edited 28.04.2013
    :)You can join the beast alliance. Please contact camronxs3 for more information.
    camronxs3 @ usa 1
  • chesarochesaro Posts: 45
    edited 28.04.2013
    contact xckidd013 or publiusvarrua to join Anonymous
  • WardianWardian Posts: 1,017
    edited 28.04.2013
    Shame you're in USA, as you would get onto my alliance any day
    [email protected]
    Proud Sergeant of Phoenix Rise
    Wardian @WWW1
    Proud General of DEAD WARRIORS
    Marshmallows anyone?
  • UltimateJhonUltimateJhon Posts: 767
    edited 28.04.2013
    ahh you be a yanky.
    General of Greek empire.

    I own the fire sparta league , to join ask me , we stick together we die together.
  • edited 28.04.2013
    or contact me or fck10 to join anonymous II
  • confuzzionconfuzzion Posts: 282
    edited 30.04.2013
    have u considered messaging SKIM or greywulf and consulting with them, if prior arrangements was a made or 30 seconds to type a "hey i will be gone for a few days" msg a lot of this could of been avoided due to misunderstandings

    i suggest talking with skim or hook or greywulf and seeing if u can rejoin, u never kno they mite just let u back in since it seems misunderstanding (going off just wat u have wrote)
    Name: Confuzzion
    Level: 60
    Alliance: Army Of Darkness
    Location: USA 1

  • GreywulfGreywulf Posts: 142
    edited 30.04.2013
    Sorry for the Confusion.

    You were not supposed to have been kicked. That was my bad. You did, indeed let me know you were going to be away/busy.

    That was my fault. I, myself was gone the last five days, otherwise I would have let SKIM know.

    You are more than welcome back. Please let me know if you are still interested.
    Greywulf @ usa 1
    AOD Hitmen War General

  • 459killerbee459killerbee Posts: 846
    edited 03.05.2013
    Join us the Bounty Hunter alliance.

    Canada Server!!


    Broke 2,000 honor points, without even trying. What about you?

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