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combat restrictions and penalties

Pharo1Pharo1 Posts: 1
why is it that when some people get to level 60 they go around and hit level 20's?
i tried asking guild legion of doom why they feel this is neccessary but i got ignored.
but i think that there should be penalties lost experience greater honor drops and larger glory drops.
lots of people try and play this game with respect and honorably with consideration to other players but there is allways guys that have capped out on everything at the expense of low level players and the low level players take major loses.
even when they use the ruby bought gear it's still major loses cause the gear does not affect the level of the player.
take a look at what the level 60's are hitting with legion of doom for example has to hit level 20 players with veteran troops and ruby battle gear.
well they walk right into that players castle set everything on fire and clean out the resources.
the level 60 got all the bonuses but the level 20 gets nothing most cases they get 100 glory points set back from actually gaining xp to level again for in worst cases 2 days.
of coarse thats providing they only get hit once but these guys do it continuosly on a daily basis.
for me why would i even consider buying a subscription for this game or even buy rubies when this kind of stuff is allowed to happen and it happens every day.
people quit playing it.
most people would never recomend it to anyone cause this kind of activity just creates a high amount of stress for some people.
i guess if you dont care about the game setting and just care about the few dollars that you do make as the designer then it'll never get better and people will refuse to play.
i dont know mabey i'm wrong but i see players quit more and more everyday cause there is no level combat bonuses just low level takes the brutal beatings and high level gets all the big bonuses.
cant wait till i get to 60.
if it's allowed to happen to me i'm going to destroy everything within a 6 hour window of me and watch the easy glory and honor bonuses roll in.
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Pharo1 @ usa 1


  • Kony2012 (INT3)Kony2012 (INT3) INT3 Posts: 8
    edited 21.03.2013
    nice idea i just got hit by a level 28 but he had demon units he sent 120 i lost over 100 units and he lost 2 im only level 16 it is annoying when you cant defend from much higher level players that have much better units i dont even have level 4 barracks so im limited to crap units
    catrillion @ usa 1
  • grimnoshgrimnosh Posts: 71
    edited 21.03.2013
    agreed, there really is a need for control of higher level players vs lower level players as they can walk all over the lower levels without any real problem.

    Aside from a level restriction (cannot attack other players more then 8 or 10 levels below you as an example, regardless of their honor or glory) another option might be to increase the protection from attack exponentially for the attacker's difference in levels. At 5 or less, the current amount (3 hours I believe) stands. For every additional 5 levels add another 3 hours of protection from him/her, so a lv20 attacked by a lv60 would have a full 24 hours of protection.

    About the only other option might be to just move your castle, but as that has a long cooldown AND after the first move costs rubies, its not a very good solution.
    grimnosh @ usa 1
  • John CJohn C Posts: 5
    edited 24.04.2013
    I fully agree with you guys.

    This also happens with strong alliances, bullying and controlling all the game. I have been with a small alliance forever and reached to level 62, but now it seems that you cannot start a war with the same level of alliance as yours, because the "big and mighty" alliances come in and offer the so called protection.

    Everyone seems to be in a guild with the very powerful alliances, and the fun of the game has simply disappeared as you have to check with whom that alliance is connected and you end up attacking no one if you come from a small alliance.

    I am seriously thinking of giving up on this game which i enjoyed for over a year and find something more fair and just, as this is simply turning out to be a game for the bullies to conquer !!
    John C @ en 1
  • Gaz The BossGaz The Boss Posts: 521
    edited 24.04.2013
    Dont lie john, you are still a few days short for the anniversary :D
    Gaz The Boss @ en 1
  • John CJohn C Posts: 5
    edited 24.04.2013
    Yeah, i realized :)
    5 days to go !!
    John C @ en 1

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