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Hand of Friendship/Personal Enemies

AgentYAgentY Posts: 713
I remember when sword brothers were removed, people were sad they didnt have their friends. Well, with the hand of friendship, you get your list of friends and some benefits.

You can extend a hand of friendship to anyone except your alliance members. With this, you pledge to not attack each other. Also, you get a private chat for each of your friends. For every 10 friends, you get acheivement points. You can increase market barrow speed with your friends with resources on top of research. You can also increase your capacity of resources up to 40%. However, this won't add to research. Your friends can see any attacks coming your way. This won't spam up your travel log, it will be in a different tab in your travel log. You can only have 30 friends. You will be able to send as many market barrows as you want to your friends. You cannot declare war on their alliance. If you delete a friend, a lot of your increase capacity of resources by 20%. Its possible to go below 0%!

Then theres a list of enemies. You can have 5 enemies. Once you make an enemy, they will be on your attack list for 2 weeks to prevent abuse. You can upgrade your attack and sabotage speed, your loot by 10%, and to create 10% more fires. These features won't be applied until the 2 week period is over. You cannot have an enemy that is at war with your alliance. They can be taken off of your list after you have attacked them successfully 2 times. This is to prevent abuse of farming.
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My reaction when I look at my enemies' castles after I attack them:
"Stop! It's too bright!!"
My original and new event idea: http://en.board.goodgamestudios.com/empire/showthread.php?64214-The-Banished-King-New-Event&highlight=banished+king
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