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How do titles work

Grim SqueakerGrim Squeaker Posts: 18
edited 13.04.2013 in Players ask Players
Well How DO Titles Work
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  • brito2493brito2493 Posts: 89
    edited 13.04.2013
    Well you get a tittle when you reach a certin number of glory points. Each tittle gives you something weather its rubies, coins, resourses, or special troops. Also you loose 2% of your glory each day so you cant just get to one title and stay their forever, you have to attack.
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  • Grim SqueakerGrim Squeaker Posts: 18
    edited 13.04.2013
    How much honour do you need for the second title ( I currently have 224)
    Grim Squeaker @ en 1
  • SENLACSENLAC Posts: 27
    edited 13.04.2013
    Click the button on the bottom left which looks like 3 bars in different colours then click the button that looks like a blue banner,
    SENLAC @ en 1
  • joe96joe96 Posts: 204
    edited 13.04.2013
    How much honour do you need for the second title ( I currently have 224)
    you don't need any honor, also because of GGs bad update you mainly have to kill defence soldiers to get glory.
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