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Typing in troop numbers...Am I missing something?

magicsss17magicsss17 Posts: 549
edited 13.04.2013 in Technical Assistance
You can now manually type the number of troops you want to deploy when planning an attack.

part of the infamous gold stealing update. I can't figure out where or how to do this. I thought this would be a great feature. did I miss something or did they only make the bad changes? Has anyone figured out how to do this?
magicsss17 @ WWW 1
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  • legend.killerlegend.killer Posts: 329
    edited 12.04.2013
    I haven't figured it out either. It seems they forgot to add this feature after working so hard on BALANCING the GAME with coin effect
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  • Zub-ZubZub-Zub Posts: 743
    edited 12.04.2013
    I have not been able to find this either.
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    FINALLY some honesty. Thank you CM Malreyn.

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  • anguspepperer (US1)anguspepperer (US1) Posts: 816
    edited 12.04.2013
    Maybe they forgot
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  • magicsss17magicsss17 Posts: 549
    edited 13.04.2013
    yea just like I thought. I think they leave out parts of updates. this isn't the first time I remember not seeing a part of the update.
    magicsss17 @ WWW 1
  • Molson Beer (US1)Molson Beer (US1) US1 Posts: 8,443
    edited 13.04.2013
    •The castle coordinates are now shown in the detail view of battle reports. This should be helpful for battles at resource villages and robber baron castles.

    I'm not sure about everyone else,but I'm no seeing any co-ordinates in my reports
  • Luke FieryswordLuke Fierysword Posts: 2,290
    edited 13.04.2013
    magicsss17 wrote: »
    yea just like I thought. I think they leave out parts of updates. this isn't the first time I remember not seeing a part of the update.

    Same here.... :(
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  • magicsss17magicsss17 Posts: 549
    edited 13.04.2013
    hanzolo5 wrote: »
    I'm not sure about everyone else,but I'm no seeing any co-ordinates in my reports

    omg yea i forgot about that too... another great change they promised us yet failed to deliver. would have been nice for those villages...
    magicsss17 @ WWW 1
  • brito2493brito2493 Posts: 89
    edited 13.04.2013
    I'm not sure it was impelmented into the game. I doubt that GGE fragot, I think the game designers just could not finsh that part of the update so they simply didn't add it in. It will probably be added in to the game in the next update. And yes I did try doing it my self, I spent 10 minutes trying to get it done, so ethir i'm not exactly the brightest person on our big blue earth, or they haven't added it in to the game yet.
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  • AgentYAgentY Posts: 713
    edited 13.04.2013
    So they dont put in what they said they would, but they put in something they didn't say? GGS, you have issues...

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  • Baldrick (GB1)Baldrick (GB1) Posts: 4,948
    edited 13.04.2013
    Here's something I posted on another thread, which hopefully goes some way to explain things...

    It is plainly obvious to me that their customer care and technical departments do not communicate with each other, or us.

    A basic principal of operating a customer based organization is to inform your customers what they should expect from the products/services and to ensure they are happy.

    This is a good example of their failure in these matters.

    They release a statement saying they are making an improvement, nothing happens and then it is up to the customers to inform the company that they haven't done what they promised.

    Any customer based company should have procedures in place that ensure any advertised changes to their product is either implemented, or if that is not possible then the customers are informed of the reasons why this will not happen.

    To be honest, I have my doubts as to whether GGS EVER look on these forums, which are the only real contact they have with their customers. It's mind blowing that this can be allowed to happen. If I worked at GGS people would either be sacked (whoever is responsible for communication) or hired (if nobody is currently responsible for communication). Either way changes are desperately needed in order that GGS can operate as a customer based company.
    It's been a while.....

  • RulerNathan8RulerNathan8 Posts: 279
    edited 13.04.2013
    its another bug lol it just dont work hahahah

    RulerNathan8 @ usa 1
  • RahulFighter1RahulFighter1 Posts: 72
    edited 13.04.2013
    GGE is worst support ever.they forget to make this upgrade but dont forget to reduce coins cunsomption and increasing bakery prices
    RahulFighter1 @ WWW 1

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