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Scrap the animated battle report!



  • tygrys1tygrys1 Posts: 5
    edited 04.04.2013
    I have a 3 year old laptop with 3GB RAM and Pentium Dual-Core and other pretty bad things, and I get the smallest of lags. I get that its annoying for you because some of you lag badly, to be honest, I doubt they will change it because of some people who lag. (Before you post a rage comment at me, THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION.)
    tygrys1 @ en 1
  • ZXrulesZXrules Posts: 11
    edited 05.04.2013
    The battle report is not even loading and i cant even open the reports without lagging like hell :-x
  • ZXrulesZXrules Posts: 11
    edited 05.04.2013
    Well, i have a 10 year old pc with pentium 4 1.9ghz and 512 Mb of ream and it does not even load.......
    not everyone has a new pc you know..
  • famous nadinfamous nadin Posts: 335
    edited 05.04.2013
    yep this used to happen,i think you should scan your pc remove viruses and uninstall useless stuf and of animatons
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  • KingWhiteFangKingWhiteFang Posts: 120
    edited 10.04.2013
    The new battle report is just ugly!
    KingWhiteFang WWW 1

    Proud Deputy of HA~COBRA Venom

    I am against the new spy reports + NEW MAP and constantly buggy updates. Please revoke. Also if you are against this too add it to your Signature so that GGE will realize that we don't want it! GGS please talk to the Community before doing future updates and get their opinion on things first.

    Experience: more than 2 years of playing
    Maximum level achieved: was 56 before went on a vocation without internet.
    Current level: 48
  • royal1royal1 Posts: 186
    edited 11.04.2013
    123guy wrote: »
    Buy a better computer? Im not getting a new computer just because GGE added a terrible feature to the game. Have you never heard of freedom of speech? And you cant tell me to stop complaining!

    i have about the worst computer out there and it dosent lag at all.
    royal1 @usa1, proud Recruiter of LegionOfTheFree.

  • Gamla2Gamla2 Posts: 25
    edited 11.04.2013
    I am interested in 1 page reports with all possible details (data) clearly mentioned - and an easy way to collect the data. Action (defense-attack-spy) report - examination is the only way to find out the limits. Everyone wants to play in a succesfull way ?
    Gamla2 believes in fair attitude and behaviour; and loves fun.

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  • Stu909Stu909 Posts: 128
    edited 11.04.2013
    OOPS!!! sorry, i didnt see the last word in the poll, thought it read do you want animated battle reports, sorry i dont want them at al they lag up the game to badly, unless GGS only made 4 or five frames, but its still lags up :/
    EN 1 :D LvL 50
    IN 1 :D LvL 10

  • noorkinginoorkingi Posts: 12
    edited 21.04.2013
    I agree. I think people who beg for animations are going to drag this game down - we're going to get more lag, far too much action for a strategy game and it's not going to end well.

    I think here is already so much lags and this animated report make more of them. And it take a few seconds to see them, with very slow net it may take more time to open it, not nice.. Sometimes I dont even check out my friends battle reports if it is taking so much time to open them. Maybe net speed don't always matter with this thing, I think because my net is fast and there is no problems with my computer.
    The old reports were great. If we went back to them, they'd need to find a place to put the equipment gained and solve that problem with rubies not showing in Barbarian Fortress reports. But I think the game would be better with the reports back how they were.

    Yeah, they were clear. In those new ones, you see the big animated picture and down with little text you see the battle information. Not cool.

    And about turning off those animations, I dont do it. I like those little walking people:)
    Nordic 1 ~ meet me there!
  • Michaelzx789Michaelzx789 Posts: 37
    edited 23.04.2013
    its your internet connection i guess, sometimes i experienced this when my internet is slow, but sometimes this doesn't happen, so you should check your internet connection, update your softwares to the newest one, (browser and flash player i guess.)
    Hope this helps :D

    Actually, I thought they should put it on the options menu, so we can choose what we want. i just play this game, so i don't know the first one. sorry
    Michaelzx789 on International 2. Mid-Level, Join my alliance if you're a ruby player. :p
    Sorry for bad english. :D
  • FoggyWarriorFoggyWarrior Posts: 185
    edited 08.05.2013
    Ante55 wrote: »
    Just turn of animations, I usualy do that

    In my opinion you should be able to choose at options if you wanted this picture or not

    Also there is a similiar thread for this please use the search function

    i was gonna say that why cause people who prefer the animation to loose out on something just because you guys cant be bothered to turn off your animations
  • 123guy123guy Posts: 2,956
    edited 08.05.2013
    i was gonna say that why cause people who prefer the animation to loose out on something just because you guys cant be bothered to turn off your animations

    Turning off ALL animations makes it a little too dull.

    As someone previously said, it would be nice to have the old report back.
    Retired from game, sorry if I answer a question with outdated information

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  • WardianWardian Posts: 1,017
    edited 12.05.2013
    I've only had animated battle reports, does anyone have screenshots of a still one
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    Wardian @WWW1
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  • Billy962Billy962 Posts: 7,420
    edited 12.05.2013
    i dont rly care. it doesnt lag. but i guess gge should put an option 2 turn on the animations for the reports.


    (Mix of ruby/armorer tools)


    GGE is always trying to get players to buy rubies, and to do that, comes up with horrible updates. Put this in your siggy if you agree.
    Billy, I will crack you.

    R.I.P. in peace Billy962, King of the forums ;_;

  • BobFighter834 (INT2)BobFighter834 (INT2) Posts: 2,762
    edited 13.05.2013
    Wardian wrote: »
    I've only had animated battle reports, does anyone have screenshots of a still one

    You must have joined after the animated battle reports were introduced.

    They look like this:

    BobFighter834 - International 2.

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  • neovmneovm Posts: 159
    edited 23.05.2013
    Ante55 wrote: »
    Just turn of animations, I usualy do that

    In my opinion you should be able to choose at options if you wanted this picture or not

    Also there is a similiar thread for this please use the search function

    lol me too it makes my computer run sooo much better
    GO DUCKS !!O!!


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  • DeathsmithDeathsmith Posts: 229
    edited 23.05.2013
    My computer never lags, unless I zoom out the screen all of the way. The battle reports have never bothered me. So I don't really care.
    Deathsmith @ usa 1

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  • HeatherSongHeatherSong Posts: 37
    edited 26.05.2013
    My computer is only a few months old, has never had lag, but this game has managed to bring it down to a crawl.
    HeatherSong @ usa 1
  • darksideskittledarksideskittle Posts: 45
    edited 26.05.2013
    i like the new Battle reports but i do agree they leave alot of glitches/lags on your computer.
    Welcome to the darkside, we have skittles:D.
  • FamousZack9FamousZack9 Posts: 2,943
    edited 26.05.2013
    the battle reports I would say i like, but im to picky on the way its developed with all of the gliches/laggs. overall i dont really care about them.
    (Part time)


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