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This thread has nothing to do with Empire

cam170 (US1)cam170 (US1) Posts: 248
What if GoodGame came out with Pioneer or Rebellion. They would be the same format but things from that time period.Like in Pioneer instead of RBC you could have like Indian Camps and things like instead of the Keep the Townhall.Then for Rebellion it could be Revolutionary War or Civil War.In this it would be like British camps or Colonist camps.Or Civil War it could be Union or Confederate camps.There are so many ways io expand on this tell me what you think or if you have any ideas.:)
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  • Jas9824Jas9824 Posts: 1,111
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    ?what? ?are? ?you? ?talking? ?about? ?cam??

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  • EL The InvaderEL The Invader Posts: 110
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    let me guess,he say he want GGS make a new game with pioneer and rebellion as the theme,Then its great ,there will be guns
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  • cam170 (US1)cam170 (US1) Posts: 248
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    *bump* *bump*
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