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how many famers in rvs

best75 (INT1)best75 (INT1) Posts: 104
edited 02.04.2013 in Players ask Players
How many farmer can i expect to see in a rv that is not yet taken and if a player is in ruins and still has rvs not taken are they guarded by farmers since there is no food for the soldiers
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best75 @ WWW 1


  • Just InsanityJust Insanity Posts: 14
    edited 02.04.2013
    Unoccupied RVs are not guarded by farmers they are guarded by norsemen. If my memory is correct, RVs have about 150 norsemen. If you attack them with about 15-20 heavy crossbows and 15-20 two-handed swords you will be fine.

    And for RVs that belong to players in ruins there are no norsemen. The player's defenses that still remain at his RV are the only defenders.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
    Just Insanity @ usa 1
  • icepikaicepika Posts: 767
    edited 02.04.2013
    everwinter is 150 FARMERS-> 250 in sand and 350 in fire
    icepika @ en 1
  • Daniel_WoodstaDaniel_Woodsta Posts: 78
    edited 02.04.2013
    i actually have no idea cause there are no RVs whatsoever left open in EG!
    Daniel_Woodsta @ WWW 2
  • raxcaveraxcave Posts: 95
    edited 02.04.2013
    yup i agree , bigger player has all rvs under there belt.
    Heavenly forces are here X(
    Playing 3server with 2A/c.
  • UserParasUserParas Posts: 552
    edited 02.04.2013
    i have found 9 today raxcave i am also in india1 find it ur self there are still left 3 i and my alliance captured rest
    [email protected]
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  • 123guy123guy Posts: 2,956
    edited 02.04.2013
    The term is armed citiczens not farmers.
    Retired from game, sorry if I answer a question with outdated information

    [email protected], General of Ninth Legion, 78th in the alliance honour rankings.

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  • DClucasDClucas Posts: 159
    edited 02.04.2013
    I think its:
    Everwinter Glacier: 150
    Burning Sands: 200 (Guessing)
    Fire Peaks: 250 ( i spied on one that spawned right next to me and it had 250 but id only just got there so I couldnt get it)

    Who said there should be more ways to get rubies and coins?

    Level 60 :)
    International 2
    Alliance: Black Legion

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