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Emma_StarEmma_Star Posts: 32
edited 26.03.2013 in Player Introductions
Hi everybody,my name is Emma :)

I'm 16,have a wonderful boyfriend,and I LOVE hockey.My favourite team is the Canucks,and I also enjoy reading and watching movies.

I just started the game a few minutes ago actually,but my boyfriend has showed me around a bit.He plays the game too,and I think you all know him pretty well ;)

Anyways,that's me,and I look forward to meeting you all!!!
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  • Molson Beer (US1)Molson Beer (US1) US1 Posts: 8,443
    edited 25.03.2013
    *cough* I bet that boyfriend is more than wonderful eh?

    and Welcome to the game and forum ;)
  • xJadetsssxxJadetsssx Posts: 5,983
    edited 25.03.2013
    Welcome to the game, hope you have fun.
    Does this looks like the face of mercy?

    Lurking the forums since 2011.
    xJadetsssx @ Ɩ ǝsɹǝʌıun
  • JonBerserk7 (US1)JonBerserk7 (US1) Posts: 9,135
    edited 25.03.2013
    welcome to the game and the forum, hope you have oodles of fun:p
    JonBerserk7 @ usa 1
  • Emma_StarEmma_Star Posts: 32
    edited 25.03.2013
    hanzolo5 wrote: »
    *cough* I bet that boyfriend is more than wonderful eh?

    and Welcome to the game and forum ;)

    Of course he is ;)

    and thanks for the warm welcomes!
  • DarkDylan47DarkDylan47 Posts: 759
    edited 25.03.2013
    Welcome to the game and the forum.
    Dylan42 @ USA1 THE FRONT LINE8)
    DarkDylan47 @ WWW1 HW KnightsOfNi8)
    HAMMER [email protected] United8)

    Use the search function.
    Support shortcut-http://support.goodgamestudios.com/
    Make Canada1 GGE!
  • UltimateJhonUltimateJhon Posts: 767
    edited 25.03.2013
    have a cookie : D
    General of Greek empire.

    I own the fire sparta league , to join ask me , we stick together we die together.
  • Don EmpireDon Empire Posts: 1,346
    edited 26.03.2013
    Welcome to the Game and Forum :)
    In WW1 Name--Don Empire.
    In WW2 Name--Zvezdas5.
    In USA1 Name--I am back.
  • legend.killerlegend.killer Posts: 329
    edited 26.03.2013
    Welcome to the game :)
    [email protected]

    The Rat Pack
    we don't die, we multiply

  • TironTiron Posts: 472
    edited 26.03.2013
    welcome,if you have questions, just ask!
    and lots of fun!
    "You may say i'm a dreamer,
    but i'm not the only one.
    One day you'll join us
    and the world will live as one."
    -John Lennon

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