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MaceLordMaceLord Posts: 14
Hey guys i was wondering how do you know what world you are in?
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MaceLord @ en 1


  • Mercury Titan2Mercury Titan2 Posts: 10
    edited 15.03.2013
    Look at ur tag below ur post (ur signututre) you are in en 1 (british server i think)

    you are welcome m8
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  • abhiyonabhiyon Posts: 803
    edited 15.03.2013
    duh....look at your signature,it is clearly showing that you are at en1 , which might be england1,indicating that youre from england...easy!
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  • MaceLordMaceLord Posts: 14
    edited 15.03.2013
    well actualy i'm not but i'm near there
    MaceLord @ en 1
  • LukeWarriorLukeWarrior Posts: 305
    edited 15.03.2013
    It looks like you are on the English server, I am from England but when I joined the game they only had international 1 and 2 so here I am :P

    I quit the game.
  • 123guy123guy Posts: 2,956
    edited 15.03.2013
    Why is this in the alliance introductions and searches forum?
    Retired from game, sorry if I answer a question with outdated information

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