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errorCode: 91: INVALID ARMY REQUEST?????

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Thats the image it was a gltich that never let me station troops when i was getting attacked.... the warnings still not there cuz a spy told me from that allaince.... anyways THIS IS SOO CHEAP i cant station troops and attacks coming in 4 hours... but allaince members had to send suport so im safe BUT IF IT WASNT FOR THEM I WOULDVE LOST AND ALL BECAUSE OF A BUG THAT GGE HAS

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    were you trying to send support from an op to your main castle or vice versa? there is a tools bug that when you click use all it comes up with 99 of them...so you have to use up/down arrows. (this happened to me with mantlets)
    Take a look at this: http://prntscr.com/wf6c5 i had 5 mantlets in total but it said 99.

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