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destroying buildings

minky844minky844 Posts: 122
edited 05.03.2013 in Players ask Players
1.if you attack someone is it possible to destroy their building. if so how?

2.I saw someones castle and it was in ruins i looked at their outpost and there was rubble. what is rubble and how do you get it?

3If you dont repair your buildings for a long time what happens to them?

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  • ffffttfffftt Posts: 5
    edited 04.03.2013
    you can set buildings on fire when you attack someone it just does it i don't know about the rubble and nothing happens to your buildings
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  • nickyanna6810nickyanna6810 Posts: 8
    edited 04.03.2013
    I think that if the person hasn't been on her a REALLY long time and someone attacks them then they will become rubble. If you don't repair your buildings, then the damage on them will greatly affect the production or something like that.
    nickyanna6810 @ usa 1
  • Billy962Billy962 Posts: 7,420
    edited 04.03.2013
    no. destroying buildings turns them into rubble. you can get a (very small) chance of destroying buildings by attaching equipment to your commanders. usually its just like 1-2% chance. and rubble in an outpost is usually when someone else captures your outpost. and if you dont repair your buildings for a long time they dont turn to rubble. the production is just decreased


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  • Ante55Ante55 Posts: 1,156
    edited 04.03.2013
    The only thing fire does is 2 things

    1. It reduces your PO which means less production rate

    2. To upgrade a burning building you must put out the fires first before you can upgrade it

    Fire doesn't turn buildings into rubble, or speed up the way your castle goes in ruins,

    Rubble can only come because of 2 things:

    1. If another player or yourself a have captured a outpost, some of them will turn into rubble (except for decorations and ruby buildings)

    2. There are special items that have a chance to destroy a building into rubble if it is carried by one of your commanders
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  • AnamatronAnamatron Posts: 52
    edited 05.03.2013
    Ante55 wrote: »

    2. There are special items that have a chance to destroy a building into rubble if it is carried by one of your commanders
    As a side note...
    The maximum percent that you can get to destroy buildings is 5%, gge won't let you go over that limit even if your equipment manages to have 20% chance to destroy them.

    Also, has anyone seen buildings in a main turn to rubble due to that...? if anyone is in usa1 server and can reply with a player's name who does that'd be great, not sure if it is absolutely possible.
    Anamatron @ usa 1
  • icepikaicepika Posts: 767
    edited 05.03.2013
    Actually the maximum percent to destroy building is 10.4% for legend commander since the look won't be count in. This number I am not sure if it can get higher :). However this is normally useless. Who would want to merely destroy one building when you can add your commander with +100 range and +100 melee with makes them twice as dangerous :)
    icepika @ en 1
  • SharfiikSharfiik Posts: 103
    edited 05.03.2013
    but sometimes i see that all buildings on fire?(

    Who's there?
    Castle who?
    Get it?
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  • icepikaicepika Posts: 767
    edited 05.03.2013
    When you attack and win with a certain number, they started fire on the building. The more attackers that survive after the attack, the bigger the fire.
    Or the owner of that castle has left the game so long so there castle is on fire from being attack :)
    They have nothing to do with the building being destroyed
    icepika @ en 1
  • queen pink 2queen pink 2 Posts: 67
    edited 05.03.2013
    If you dont log for for a week and your a lower level - such as 15 and below, someone has a post on the exact levels- your castle will turn to ruins (that is the piles of rubble you see). As you get higher levels in the game the amount changes for how long it takes for your castle to go to ruins.
    Fires are caused by attacking and winning an attack on someones castle. There are also soldiers called pyro's that increase the amount of fires caused.
    Hope this helps
    queen pink 2 @ usa 1
  • 123guy123guy Posts: 2,956
    edited 05.03.2013
    If you dont log for for a week and your a lower level - such as 15 and below, someone has a post on the exact levels- your castle will turn to ruins (that is the piles of rubble you see).

    You turn into ruin on your level +1 days of inactivity. So if someone was level 13 they would turn into ruins after 14 days of not logging in.
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