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jules Delanyjules Delany Posts: 86
edited 20.02.2013 in Player Introductions
Have been playing the game for 10 days now.
Only just found the forum!
Huge fan of strategy games!
Have been made very welcome by Citizens Advice.
Great Alliance very supportive and Nurturing.
Look forward forming some great bonds and fighting some epic battles
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  • GreywulfGreywulf Posts: 142
    edited 20.02.2013
    Welcome Jules!

    Hope you find this strategy game to your liking :)
  • jules Delanyjules Delany Posts: 86
    edited 20.02.2013
    Yeah I was a huge fan of Age of Empires and Age of Mythology and starcraft also.
    Loved em all!
    I'd never even thought of there being an online game to play like this, it's very very playable.
    I was lucky enough to be approached by an alliance fairly quickly and have made some good friends as well as having great fun.
    In short HOOKED!! LOL!
  • Don EmpireDon Empire Posts: 1,346
    edited 20.02.2013
    Welcome to the Game and Forum :)
  • osas2013osas2013 Posts: 1
    edited 20.02.2013
    hi add me on facebook my name is david igbin
  • JJ5542JJ5542 Posts: 1,580
    edited 20.02.2013
    welcome :)
  • jules Delanyjules Delany Posts: 86
    edited 20.02.2013
    I don't do the facebook thing guys, sorry.
    Although my photo's are sometimes used by Rainbow Girls for my purple hair I don't like FaceBook, too many pitfalls.

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