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Ruins never free for castle relocation, not even for 1 second!!!

GeologistGeologist Posts: 4
edited 08.04.2013 in Technical Assistance
When trying to relocate my main castle to a new location, I find a new location that is available in x hours, then x minutes, then x seconds. I set my watch carefully and count down the seconds until it "should" be free. Then the site immediately goes to waiting to be deleted. I have tried 4 times and been there when they should be free. What do I need to do to get this problem fixed?
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  • GeologistGeologist Posts: 4
    edited 06.02.2013
    Can nobody help me? Just tried again, fail. The ruins are still there, no newbie or other player has taken it, it's just sitting there "waiting to be deleted". I was clicking like mad from 2 seconds to go until about 5 minutes later, in and out of the castle over 100 times. Nothing works. I guess if I am going to invest so much of my time into a game, I should pick one without so many bugs. Sigh.
  • edited 06.02.2013
    Yeh, don't we all wish the bugs would go away.. ;)

    Anyway, sorry mate, haven't experienced this before, but I'll just give you a common bug solution - clear browser and flash cache. If it doesn't work, maybe the ruin is literally waiting to for the system to make it available? xD Pure speculation...

    Alternatively, you could simply look for another ruin?
  • EyeswideopenEyeswideopen Posts: 7
    edited 06.02.2013
    same issue here, I can't move either
  • crnagora23crnagora23 Posts: 7
    edited 16.02.2013
    This is ridiculous!!! I'm not one to complain but this is getting frustrated. I have tried to use my free castle relocation to ruins over 10 times and can't do it. There is no way I should not have gotten one at this point. Something is up. I sit there from 10 seconds left to "waiting to be deleted", till there is an "invalid position error" because someone else captured the location. This usually takes 15-25 minutes and I know it sounds crazy but I literally keep clicking the entire time. Either there is a bug, it really is not allowed, or there is a trick that someone is not telling me. Someone please advise. I can't keep doing this for nothing!!!
  • icepikaicepika Posts: 767
    edited 16.02.2013
    just luck buddy. I tried 4 times before I success
  • crnagora23crnagora23 Posts: 7
    edited 16.02.2013
    Seriously, I just did it again for another 15 minutes to no avail. Icepika, please tell me what you did exactly with respect to time. I just don't get it.
  • crnagora23crnagora23 Posts: 7
    edited 16.02.2013
    Another one gone! Waited 30 minutes this time! Something has to be wrong!
  • WirtaWirta Posts: 2
    edited 16.02.2013
    Same here! Moving seems to be impossible to proper ruins.

    EDIT: This bug seems to be related to more crowded areas. There seems to be no free ruins at all. I have only found "Waiting for deletion" ones. I have found free ruins at the edge of the map where no other players have been.
  • crnagora23crnagora23 Posts: 7
    edited 16.02.2013
    I wish I knew what was going on!!!
  • WirtaWirta Posts: 2
    edited 16.02.2013
    I will give the developers 1 week to reply are there any plans to look into this.
    If I haven't heard anything by the end of next week I'll be saying good bye. There is no point for me to play alone when all my friends are on the other side of the map.
  • Sam4 (GB1)Sam4 (GB1) Posts: 464
    edited 17.02.2013
    I have already posted this on another thread - but here I go again as it's relevant.

    The ruins system in this game is a sham. I have contacted support about it before.

    The reason is this:

    Ruins have a timer on them, showing how long before they are removed. The only problem is this - when they reach a point of '0 time remaining', do they get deleted automatically? No. In fact they sit there for another couple of hours with 'waiting to be removed' marked on them. So you're sat there for ages, the castle should be gone, and then all of a sudden a new castle takes it's place from a member that has just joined the game.

    When ruins finish their deletion time period, they should automatically be deleted, and not hang around for another few hours, otherwise people like this poor fella can't move.
  • JJ5542JJ5542 Posts: 1,580
    edited 17.02.2013
    I agree, the way to move your castle is bad. they need to find a better way to move.
  • crnagora23crnagora23 Posts: 7
    edited 17.02.2013
    Sam4, I agree but one thing. It hasn't sat for a couple hours on me. For about 99% of mine (and this is well over 20 times now), after time runs out, a "waiting for delete" message appears for about 15-30 minutes usually. I keep clicking and then an "error 6, invalid position" message comes up.

    I am stuck now. I have to find a way to move my main castle. I already changed my outpost with plans of a castle move.

    I hope something gets done soon or I may have to leave as well. I don't really want to because I enjoy it.

    I just wish I really knew what was going on and if I couldn't do it then it should not have been represented that way.
  • crnagora23crnagora23 Posts: 7
    edited 17.02.2013
    This is something else. It finally works for me after 25 plus tries and now I can't do it because I have troops out. Unbelievable!!! Ridiculous!!!
  • crnagora23crnagora23 Posts: 7
    edited 17.02.2013
    Finally, I got it, soooo happy. After a bunch of tries, I figured out exactly how to get a free castle relocation on a spot with ruins. I was able to do it a couple times so I think I got it now.

    Here it is:

    1st make sure you don't have any soldiers out from your main castle or you will not be able to make the move even if you get an open castle. This was my problem when I finally got through and couldn't do it.

    Get your timing down but not the most important because if you are late it is not the end of it. The time will run down and then it will say "Waiting for deletion". When the deletion part is over, that is the most important. I keep clicking on the check box and then go back to the castle and try again. I don't think this is the most important either but I do it anyway because I'm not sure. This will last for about 15-30 minutes usually. I think the most important thing is to be clicking when the deletion is over which is why I keep clicking because the deletion time is random and doesn't have a timer. THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT (I think) - Once the deletion is over, you will get a message that says, "error 6, invalid position". Click the check and close the castle relocation box. Go back to your main castle management and try the free relocation again, put in the coordinates and it should be open. Do it fast and hopefully, no one else gets it before you. This worked very well for me once I figured it out. I hope this makes sense and it works for you. If you have tried a bunch like me, you should be somewhat familiar with what I'm saying and it should make some sort of sense.
    Good Luck!
  • GleamerGleamer Posts: 166
    edited 19.02.2013
    There should be a 2 hours grace period from when the ruin is gone to when it can be taken by a new player. That way, anyone who wants to move to their castle will have enough time before they're taken.

    One solution for those who can't get the spot is to wait a few days. Several spots will be open in those areas again. If you check, there's always lots of level 4-8 who will not level up any further, and those spots will open up about a week after it has been taken. And it'll be filled and abandoned repeatedly.
  • King KeefKing Keef Posts: 87
    edited 19.02.2013
    I can't even begin to tell you how frustrated I am.

    Unless they are compensating all of our time with rubies, then should all be very well pissed.

    I myself have wasted enough time to start another castle. There are multiple posts about this and I have seen not 1 attempt from any kind of admin or GM to let the community know whats going on.
  • cindylu4cindylu4 Posts: 1
    edited 13.03.2013
    same issue for moving do u have any suggestions. this sucks. is there any other way to relocate your castle other than to freed ruins.
  • CAIVSCAIVS Posts: 238
    edited 13.03.2013
    One can always relocate to a place not occupied by ruins. Click on the relocate link. The screen will show you hundreds of places to relocate. Some will have ruins, but most of them will be free. Take your pick :)
    edited 28.03.2013
    the same thing keeps happening to me. want to move but i cant

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