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Equipment "Look" question

Monkeyjax63Monkeyjax63 Posts: 16
edited 01.04.2013 in Players ask Players
In the equipment screen there are five slots for equipment for each commander/castellan;

1) Helmet
2) Armour
3) Weapon
4) Artifact

and finally

5) Look - what is this slot for?
Monkeyjax63 @ UK1 - Leader of BSK AlliedOrder
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  • AnandoAnando Posts: 254
    edited 12.02.2013
    it is v. rare
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    Dream it

    Anando in en1 ( lvl. 60}
  • edited 12.02.2013
    that it? because ive had about 10 legendarys and not found any 'Look' items yet
  • domxxe65domxxe65 Posts: 14
    edited 12.02.2013
    It's not even introduced yet
    Grand duke domxxe65
    level:[email protected]
    WWW 2
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  • ResinRubberResinRubber Posts: 402
    edited 12.02.2013
    Who's going to forge 6 legendary to see if that does it?
    ResinRubber @ usa 1
    Alliance: CamelotXcalibur
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  • edited 12.02.2013
    You can't, if you select a legendary it locks 3 slots. Hopefully we will be able to make them in the alliance forge (coming next week).
  • domxxe65domxxe65 Posts: 14
    edited 12.02.2013
    It wont even allow us to do that
    Grand duke domxxe65
    level:[email protected]
    WWW 2
    Bloody Blades
  • Labib62Labib62 Posts: 151
    edited 01.04.2013
    I have a look item. You get it from a spy's camp that asks you to attack a demon fortress. All it does is change how the soldiers look like on the map. You can only have look for a limited amount of time before it disappears.
    Labib6 @ usa 1[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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