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New kid

ruu3ruu3 Posts: 4
edited 18.02.2013 in Player Introductions
Hello im ruu ,im new here...
greetings to all:D
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  • Pelasion (US1)Pelasion (US1) US1 Posts: 285
    edited 12.02.2013
    Greetings Ruu! Welcome to the land of battles, where your castle can begin to fluorish as you approach your journey through the kingdoms on a quest for a powerful empire!
  • JJ5542JJ5542 Posts: 1,580
    edited 12.02.2013
    welcome to the game ;)
  • JonBerserk7 (US1)JonBerserk7 (US1) Posts: 9,135
    edited 12.02.2013
    welcome to the game and the forum
  • legend.killerlegend.killer Posts: 329
    edited 12.02.2013
    Welcome ruu3
  • ruu3ruu3 Posts: 4
    edited 12.02.2013
    Thanks everyone!!!
  • DaffodilLoverDaffodilLover Posts: 36
    edited 14.02.2013
    Welcome to the game and forum Ruu!

    P.S. Just curious, why did you put new kid as the title?
  • WarriorLookBoyWarriorLookBoy Posts: 1
    edited 14.02.2013
    Hello, i have a question of who has the good game empire hack tools
  • Molson Beer (US1)Molson Beer (US1) US1 Posts: 8,443
    edited 15.02.2013
    Hello, i have a question of who has the good game empire hack tools

    I wouldn't bother looking,it's against the rules to use hack equipment,and you just told us all you're looking for them.
  • evets4evets4 Posts: 3,798
    edited 15.02.2013
    Hello, i have a question of how to get banned

    That's what I read....
  • Ultimatereaper1Ultimatereaper1 Posts: 30
    edited 15.02.2013
    welcome ruu3, when you grow stronger liek a level 50 watch out there are some pretty strong players in this game that will attack your castle for glory.
  • Dun Gon (INT2)Dun Gon (INT2) Posts: 3,656
    edited 15.02.2013
    Hello and welcome to the game ;)
  • Uriel SeptimVIIUriel SeptimVII Posts: 256
    edited 15.02.2013
    Hello, i have a question of how to get banned
    evets4 wrote: »
    That's what I read....

    Hilarious lol!!!! But I am pretty sure that is a new account someone made that they do not care for getting banned for asking illegal question. But welcome to the game and forum ruu
  • Bebh1399Bebh1399 Posts: 5
    edited 16.02.2013
    HI, I'm pretty new too, only been on a week but lv 12 already (its quite easy to level up to start with, but i guess it probably gets harder....:)

  • Don EmpireDon Empire Posts: 1,346
    edited 18.02.2013
    Hi and Welcome to the Game and Forum :)

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