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Who is the best Player of GGE ?



  • Don EmpireDon Empire Posts: 1,346
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    Sadius wrote: »
    15. The Great Empire, Everwinter Glacier and The Burning Sands.

    You should tell how many world you play on like WW1 WW2 and USA1 ;)
    In WW1 Name--Don Empire.
    In WW2 Name--Zvezdas5.
    In USA1 Name--I am back.
  • SadiusSadius Posts: 155
    edited 11.02.2013
    Don Empire wrote: »
    You should tell how many world you play on like WW1 WW2 and USA1 ;)

    Just WWW2, I did have an account on WWW1 but it's too much work to maintain both so I stopped playing on WWW1.
    Sadius @ WWW 2
  • UltimateJhonUltimateJhon Posts: 767
    edited 11.02.2013
    When a soldier dies in World War II
    to St Peter he will tell,
    another soldier reporting Sir
    for I have served my time in Hell

    When bullets fly
    and soldiers die
    nobody really could tell
    why the lookouts never rang their warning bells...

    well guys this is just tough look for them soldiers huh? lol :D
    General of Greek empire.

    I own the fire sparta league , to join ask me , we stick together we die together.
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  • Musta really dug deep to unearth this 3 year old thread huh? lol
  • 1.How much honor you have :1k:

    2.How much coins you collect :800:

    3.How much hours do you play in a day :idk:

    4.How many out post you have :3:

    5.Do you have a bakery in at least 3 of your castle :yes:

    6.How much food, wood and stone do you produce per hours :idr:

    7.What is the MAX level of you Robber Baron Castles :idr:

    8.How much soldiers can you have total in all castles :idk:

    9.How much Achievement points do you have :idk:

    10.How much glory points do you have :19k:

    11.What level are you on :41:

    12.How much rubies do you have :i just spent them, so 100:

    13.What is your highest Public Order :i dunno, 2k?:

    14.What is Your Population at all castles :doesn't matte.r population is worethless:

    15.How many world do you play on :1:

    *realizes this thread is 3 years old*
    my esophagus big. 
  • How much the game has changed :)
    fidelis78 @ 1
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