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Why am I not allowed to build sawmills in my grain-stone outpost ?

Angua Whisper2Angua Whisper2 Posts: 61
edited 09.02.2013 in Players ask Players
And please do not tell me it is foolish. I am human, I have a right to be foolish. I can put all spearmen on my walls when an X-bow army is attacking. I can attack the local Level 60 player. etc.

So why am I not allowed to build a few sawmills ? It is obviously not something that was never designed into the game, it is something that have been deliberately removed.

Why ?(

best regards
~ Angua
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  • Ante55Ante55 Posts: 1,156
    edited 09.02.2013
    Because that outpost doesn't produce wood, so there is no need for a sawmill since sawmills increases wood production

    Yes you are a human and we humans have right to be foolish but please

    USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Angua Whisper2Angua Whisper2 Posts: 61
    edited 09.02.2013
    That outpost do produce wood. 2 pieces pr hour, as do any resource where a gathering building have not yet been built.

    If I could build a sawmill I bet it would produce wood at 75% efficieny like any other building over the factory limit.

    And from the look of things I would bet quite a lot that that was part of the original game; but that the option have now been removed.

    That is why I ask: Why ?(

    ~ Angua
  • JJ5542JJ5542 Posts: 1,580
    edited 09.02.2013
    You cant build sawmills and woodcutters in a stone op, the 2 per hour will always be 2 per hour.
  • ElDog22ElDog22 Posts: 180
    edited 09.02.2013
    because it is a stone grain outpost. you cant produce wood, so therefor you cant build woodcutters, so why would you need a sawmill?
  • icepikaicepika Posts: 767
    edited 09.02.2013
    the keep will give you 2 per every resource .The outpost itself doesn't give you wood so you can't build sawmill

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