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leveling up fast

frog_dude75frog_dude75 Posts: 10
I cant really seem to level up fast enough and i was wondering if theres a way to get boosted xp.?( if you manage to find one pls tell if you do :D
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  • ZeMaster830 (US1)ZeMaster830 (US1) Posts: 797
    edited 03.02.2013
    Do the quests with xp before the other quests, i leveled up from a level 8 to a 27 in about a month because i did those first.
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  • JonBerserk7 (US1)JonBerserk7 (US1) Posts: 9,135
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    well, leveling fast often makes you forget to upgrade the important things and build parks for PO. if you level really fast, you might want to stop at a certain level to build everything up
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  • cool dude 27cool dude 27 Posts: 1
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    ask the captain of the game.

    your best guy ever,cool dude
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  • xJadetsssxxJadetsssx Posts: 5,983
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    I don't know what you mean with "I don't seem to level fast enough" you aren't supposed to earn a lot of XP in a short amount of time or to level up that quickly, your main focus during the start of the game will be doing experience quests, but do not neglect the progress of upgrading your outposts or other important aspects of your castle to level up faster, you will eventually need to stop and focus on other things, but you can earn aditional experience by battling or just building. As you level up it will be easier to other players to get honor from attacking you, that's why if you get to decent level and you don't have a good castle you will be a good target for honor or resources. At level 26 is a good time to take a break, you will have level 3 walls, towers and keep as well as all level 5 barrack soldiers unlocked enough to keep you protected from mostly players below level 30.
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  • qak19992qak19992 Posts: 69
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    just saying i went from 47 to 49 in 90 secs
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  • preymonkie (GB1)preymonkie (GB1) Posts: 17
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    i think it's best to find the right balance in lvling. if try to finish xp quests etc as fast as possible you will level up way to fast and sure you will be high level but your castle is gonna be weak and you are an easy target for people who decided to don't lvl up as fast and focus more on building up.

    i find that it's nice to have some xp quests almost done ( a.k.a finish 4 upgrades) i keep those quests at 3/4 and when i need to level up to unlock a building/upgrade to do at night i can get a quick xp boost. but otherwise i try to make sure i upgrade everything i can before leveling up ( which is impossible)
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  • matthew27matthew27 Posts: 284
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    just saying i went from 47 to 49 in 90 secs
    let me guess quests in other kingdoms before when they gave xp. It happened to me once from level 30 to 33 in the space of a minute.
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  • swag like ohio3swag like ohio3 Posts: 1,853
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    do only xp quests till level 40, then stay and do every single other little quest until you either can't or you have none left, that is why i am still no level 60, i waited until around level 5 0to do those quests so now i just upgrade upgrade upgrade my OP's that i have neglected forever:)
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  • dhruvstar22dhruvstar22 Posts: 1
    edited 03.02.2013
    just ugrade everytyhing n do xp quests firstthen add lots of wood stone n food buildings hop this helps:)
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  • KnightReturns (GB1)KnightReturns (GB1) GB1 Posts: 13
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  • LethallinLethallin Posts: 46
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    yes he did it by staying online and smashing out buildings upgrades and hitting robber barons like I do >:-) i'm lvl 30 and I've only been playing for two weeks >:-)
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  • KnightReturns (GB1)KnightReturns (GB1) GB1 Posts: 13
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  • X the ManX the Man Posts: 2
    edited 19.12.2013
    If you go to a level 70 send all your troops at the castle. Then send all the recourses you have to X The man. After that watch dora 70 days straight and you will be the most hardcore wise boosted xp person EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Tushar Garg2Tushar Garg2 Posts: 2
    edited 01.07.2014
    How did you did it...! Please tell me...!
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