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Knight Skiman

skimanskiman Posts: 3
edited 28.01.2013 in Players ask Players
How do I get to the level of Chevallier? I am at level 15 and am still a knight.
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  • hampe182hampe182 Posts: 202
    edited 27.01.2013
    get honour by attacking vig players
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  • SparksterSparkster Posts: 450
    edited 27.01.2013
    To get to chevalier, you need to earn glory by attacking other players. Click on "Rankings" in the bottom left corner of the game screen, select "glory", and you will be able to see how much glory you have to earn before becoming a chevalier.
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  • Blaise_FighterBlaise_Fighter Posts: 87
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    man im a level 15 and only 300 away from margrave
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