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When to use Rubies?

globalhubglobalhub Posts: 19
edited 17.01.2013 in Players ask Players
I'm new to the game, lvl 13. I've never bought rubies and don't plan on it.

My question is, what should I spend my rubies on that I earn from quests and other things? Is there a certain building I need to be saving up for? Thanks.
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  • ghostersghosters Posts: 1
    edited 16.01.2013
    I'd like to know as well!
  • ssikssik Posts: 138
    edited 16.01.2013
    bakery is first.

    then u got drill ground watchtower and lvling up your stables. also decorations but best to leave dec till later lvls.

    prob more but just my take.
  • edited 16.01.2013
    Yes the best building is the bakery, try to get one of those in your castle first. They if you think you will keep an outpost forever (remember that at the end of the game you won't need many resources any more so you should get 3 food ones then, but at first it's good to get resource outposts while you are levelling up), build a bakery there too (since it's based on a percentage it will do even more in a food outpost!).
  • ssikssik Posts: 138
    edited 16.01.2013
    only downfall to remem buildin in op is they can be stolen. so build in your castle since your castle cant be stolen.

    up to you pretty much.
  • B.StinsonB.Stinson Posts: 156
    edited 16.01.2013
    Since you are level 13 you are likely sometime in the future to receive the 50% ruby discount awarded to these who are loyal so alternatively you can save up your rubies for that occasion in order to make to most out of them.
  • globalhubglobalhub Posts: 19
    edited 17.01.2013
    thanks guys
  • swag like ohio3swag like ohio3 Posts: 1,853
    edited 17.01.2013
    Drill Ground or Bakery, if you can't save that long then just donate all at lv25 unless you buy them
  • DanceRulerDanceRuler Posts: 828
    edited 17.01.2013
    You can search for it, its already been answered.
  • SparksterSparkster Posts: 450
    edited 17.01.2013
    Just want to agree with what was posted above, get a bakery in your main and all food outposts. After that though... Since you'll be be working with a limited supply, I would not recommend getting any ruby decorations. The only ones that are better than resource decorations are too expensive. A drill ground might be a good idea if you're involved in a whole lot of battles, not so good if you're a more peaceful player. A watchtower is a little pricey in my opinion, and a fire station isn't worth it at all, use your rubies to prevent fire in the first place. Personally, I would say make sure you always have enough rubies on you to open the gates or move troops instantly between kingdoms. I also like to buy defense tools from the armorer whenever he comes by and keep them stored up in case a ruby buyer gets any ideas. Ruby attack tools are too expensive and you need too many of them for them to do you much good. So in summary: bakery, emergency stash, emergency tools. That's my two cents.

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