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What is the most common words in GGS ?

Conqueror9Conqueror9 Posts: 896
edited 22.01.2013 in Players ask Players
i have observed many times

i always seen "food"

no food
run of food
short of food
need food
please send me food


is food is a issue in this game ?
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  • edited 16.01.2013
    food is what makes the world keep on going
  • evets4evets4 Posts: 3,798
    edited 16.01.2013
    Well, it's important to a lot of people, so yes.
    Some other common words might be RBC, green, sands, fire, glacier, tower, fortress, main, outpost, etc
  • ssikssik Posts: 138
    edited 16.01.2013
    glacier might be ice to some
    outpost might be op
    public order might be po
  • The Epic DudeThe Epic Dude Posts: 555
    edited 16.01.2013
    Ye food is the most common but there are also other very common words like outpost , defenses etc...

    The Epic dude :)
  • B.StinsonB.Stinson Posts: 156
    edited 16.01.2013
    I'd say rubies, gold and resources are more commonly used. Particularly with people constantly complaining about rubies on the forums. :D
  • xJadetsssxxJadetsssx Posts: 5,983
    edited 16.01.2013
    Also, you can't forget the random rant we do against the people who post the same Ideas "Did you made a search?; Make a search next time; Use the search function"
  • Conqueror9Conqueror9 Posts: 896
    edited 22.01.2013
    In past, a few months ago

    most common words are

    "Missing troop"

    lesser common sentence we still meet are

    farm rbc without loss
    farm tower without loss

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