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PTR keeps raiding me for food

Matt PattonMatt Patton Posts: 206
edited 17.01.2013 in Alliance News & Diplomacy
like 3 or 4 attacks in like a week
what are they badly need of food or something
for me my short supply is stone mostly at my first outpost
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Matt Patton @ usa 1


  • Matt PattonMatt Patton Posts: 206
    edited 11.01.2013
    also they declared war
    Matt Patton @ usa 1
  • edited 11.01.2013
    If you cant beat them, join them.
  • derkaderderkader Posts: 765
    edited 11.01.2013
    i have delt with and talked to the leader of ptr nation he says that when in a state of war its faster to raid for resources and food thats the main respn i would guess
  • Matt PattonMatt Patton Posts: 206
    edited 12.01.2013
    I also run a deficit but have a stockpile so they push me to go to barrack 4
    Matt Patton @ usa 1
  • Molson Beer (US1)Molson Beer (US1) US1 Posts: 8,443
    edited 12.01.2013
    ooo,3 to 4 attacks in a week,thats horrible.You're complaining now,wait till u get into a full scale war
  • JonBerserk7 (US1)JonBerserk7 (US1) Posts: 9,135
    edited 12.01.2013
    That was a lot of like's you used there. Perhaps they have been raiding for more than a week? The glory tournament is also going on right now, so that might be one reason they are attacking this week and not earlier.
    JonBerserk7 @ usa 1
  • fdgfgfg3fdgfgfg3 Posts: 432
    edited 12.01.2013
    If i knew you could post a thread about being raided i would have:
    HEre i go posting about me!!
    last night i got raided 20-40 Times
    By 5 Alliances...

    I need help... lol!! I deal with it! I suck it up! My castle burns!!!

    Here is the part when i help you:
    Try to mesage the player, If he won't stop attacking Just move your castle far away! Noone would attack someone 300miles away for resources!

    Join a strong alliance?
    Rising sun Recruiting, mesage jussi or ejm for invite and information!
    P.S i am not in rising sun
  • SecretmiscerSecretmiscer Posts: 60
    edited 12.01.2013
    HughJelly wrote: »
    If you cant beat them, join them.
    This is what I was forced to do in the misc SEE how this mentality runs rampant
    Secretmiscer @ usa 1
  • Matt PattonMatt Patton Posts: 206
    edited 14.01.2013
    I can stop em with halberdier die you traveling knights
    Matt Patton @ usa 1
  • Reaper1526Reaper1526 Posts: 6
    edited 16.01.2013
    Im really sick of PTR, I must be on thier hit list or somthing cause the only People who have attacked this hole week are some way PTR related
    Reaper1526 @ usa 1
  • anguspepperer (US1)anguspepperer (US1) Posts: 816
    edited 16.01.2013
    Maybe you can ask the regulators to help you
    Lift Heavy and Take a Multi
  • DefaultGuy (US1)DefaultGuy (US1) Posts: 21
    edited 16.01.2013
    Yes they should be able to step in
  • Fire CastleFire Castle Posts: 619
    edited 16.01.2013
    Meh. The regulators can't help you, don't be daft. They are just as powerful as any other level 60.

    I get attacked 3 times by a level 56. I repair my buildings. I sabotage him twice per day. I get my fellow alliance members to take his RVs. Simple as!
    International 1
    Fire Castle

    This is my first dragon, please click to help it mature!
  • edited 16.01.2013
    ask ur mates and alliance pacts and non aggresion alliances to attack him
  • Groo76Groo76 Posts: 26
    edited 16.01.2013
    Take a multi. Lift heavy. And you'll be alright.
    Groo76 @ usa 1
  • edited 17.01.2013
    I am the leader of the PTR family, please give me specifics and I will look into it. I cannot validate vague accusations. I do not believe you contacted me or any of the leaders of the PTR family so it is hard for us to help you if indeed what you claim is accurate.
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