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Regoens? Worlds? Kingdoms? A couple of questions

TinaDubsTinaDubs Posts: 24
edited 11.01.2013 in Players ask Players
Ok, so i understand the regoens (Uk, International, US. . .) found at the bottom of the log in screen, but people mention on here about worlds and kingdoms aswell

What exactly are they? Because as far as i can see its just different regoens (on my map, theres my lovely little castle sat in the middle of the UK :love:, and if i scroll the map all the player castles seem to stop at a distance of about 140, then theres nothing but robber barrons and the map stops at 460

There must be more because of the amount of alliances that have been named on here that dont come up when i search

Where has it all gone? :huh:
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  • TinaDubsTinaDubs Posts: 24
    edited 11.01.2013
    Anyone? :(
  • B.StinsonB.Stinson Posts: 156
    edited 11.01.2013
    There are a total of 4 different worlds or kingdom depending on preference. There is: The Great Empire which everyone starts in and the one you are currently located at (grass), the Everwinter Glacier (ice) which you can unlock at level 25 with resources plus gold, The Burning Sands (desert) which you unlock at level 40 and the Fire Peaks (fire or lava) which you unlock at level 50.

    Each of these worlds have different dynamics such as resource villages and fortresses as well as enemy NPC units which vary across worlds. If you look at the bottom left corner of your menu tab on the left next to the earth icon entitled "To the world map" you'll see something that is called "Map of the Kingdoms" which should be faded out and unavailable at moment till you are higher level.
  • TinaDubsTinaDubs Posts: 24
    edited 11.01.2013
    Thank you so much x, i wondered what that faded thing was

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