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Alliance ranks suggestion



  • blabbyblabby Posts: 564
    edited 01.01.2013
    Same as above this idea is great!
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  • SvetovnaSilaSvetovnaSila Posts: 583
    edited 01.01.2013
    Where are CM's? they should see this liking AND unliking
  • madperson (INT1)madperson (INT1) Posts: 337
    edited 01.01.2013
    I agree with the idea of having a diplomat. Where should the diplomat go on the list? Should he be between the Vice-leader and the head general or elsewhere? Please tell me your thoughts.

    Here are my original ideas:
    madperson2 wrote: »
    I definitively agree that there should be more ranks in an alliance. Maybe:

    - Leader (max 1)
    - Vice-leader (max 1)
    - Head general (max 1)
    - Attack Generals (max 2)
    - Defence generals (max 2)
    - Normal Generals (unlimited)
    - Head Sergeant (max 1)
    - Sergeant (unlimited)
    - Member (unlimited)

    That is how I would picture a good alliance. If the leader wants, he doesn't have to use all the specific ranks but in strong alliances like mine, it would definitively be very useful. Right now, I am vice-leader but I am actually a general because there is no specific rank for that.
    Madperson @ WWW 1
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  • swag like ohio3swag like ohio3 Posts: 1,853
    edited 02.01.2013
    I Suggest we have more ranks in alliance like:
    1. Leader
    2. Sub-leader (is leader automaticly if main leader is in other alliance for some reason)
    3. Diplomat ( doing the alliance diplomacy and can invite other diplomats from other alliances to diplomat chat + he can be whatever rank in ally)
    4. General
    5. Sergeant First Class ( can promote sergeants and members and oversee how many troops alliance members lost)
    6. Sergeant
    7. Member
    And one more suggestion: every year alliance should vote leader and vice leader!

    Please feel free to post critics

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  • SvetovnaSilaSvetovnaSila Posts: 583
    edited 04.01.2013
    I would put diplomad between leaders and generals
  • matthew27matthew27 Posts: 284
    edited 04.01.2013
    the voting system for leader is bad since what if an alliance leader gets voted out and they were the one that made it would be good also some generals might think if I start to get members to like me more I can become the leader. Other than that a good idea.
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  • Dun Gon (INT2)Dun Gon (INT2) Posts: 3,656
    edited 04.01.2013
    I like something between sarg and member. If I need to reward my members a bit more, and a bit less. Sub-Leader is not bad also ;)
    Dun Gon @ WWW 2
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  • hardcore5hardcore5 Posts: 249
    edited 04.01.2013
    i like the diplomat who can invite other diplomats to chat,this will save time messaging multiple players
    this is a very good idea!!
    hardcore @ en 1
    proud member of TDU
  • madperson (INT1)madperson (INT1) Posts: 337
    edited 04.01.2013
    I added the diplomat between the leaders and the generals because I think it is quite an important job. This person's job would be to communicate with other alliances and sort out our diplomacies.
    Madperson @ WWW 1
    Level 70, active.



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