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thorn king

mixmaster0072mixmaster0072 Posts: 353
edited 22.12.2012 in Players ask Players
has anyone else noticed that wierd dog-shaped skeleton in the thorns in the thorn king map? its near the third top tower from the camp. whenever my mouse moves over it, it highlights (is that correct spelling?) but nothing happens when i click on it.
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mixmaster007 @ International 1
mixmaster007 @ Canada 1 # TheDreamLivesOn


  • ironhideeironhidee Posts: 80
    edited 21.12.2012
    it's not a "dog-shaped skeleton" but a cow.It's a tower with cow berdier and longbow ox.They have the stats of a halberdier and longbowman.You need to defeat the 4 tower beside it to unlock the cows tower.
    ironhidee @ www 1
  • mixmaster0072mixmaster0072 Posts: 353
    edited 21.12.2012
    wtf thats messed. i have to fight cows :P
    mixmaster007 @ International 1
    mixmaster007 @ Canada 1 # TheDreamLivesOn
  • The Epic DudeThe Epic Dude Posts: 555
    edited 22.12.2012
    its a new update
    IM a noob.

    Dont ask me anything


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