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King of Robber Baron castles - coin reward

venuccivenucci Posts: 67
edited 21.12.2012 in Players ask Players
I had a question about beating the king of tobber baron castles.
On what does the reward in coins depend?
-Your highest lvl of robber barron castle?
-Your own lvl?
-Something else?

Thnx already!
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  • ironhideeironhidee Posts: 80
    edited 21.12.2012
    I think i depends on your level. I am a level 42 and when i defeated the king,i got 18000 coins. Some of my alliance members who are level 60 have got 30000 coins.
    ironhidee @ www 1
  • icepikaicepika Posts: 767
    edited 21.12.2012
    it depends on your lv and how many times have you beat them.
    icepika @ en 1
  • venuccivenucci Posts: 67
    edited 21.12.2012
    Oke thanks for the answers! I'll just lvl up and keep beating him then ;).
  • Matt PattonMatt Patton Posts: 206
    edited 21.12.2012
    I got one but em they are like hard like double any regular one so I'm letting it go. It attacked me though. can't afford to sent no 100 troops need a food outpost
    Matt Patton @ usa 1
  • evets4evets4 Posts: 3,798
    edited 21.12.2012
    It does depend on your level; when I hit it and won at level 38 I got around 10,000 coins, but at level 41 I got 15,000 coins.
    evets4 @ usa 1
    Retired From Goodgame Empire
    Coordinates: 715:639 | |
    (Former)General of The Impervious
  • The Epic DudeThe Epic Dude Posts: 555
    edited 21.12.2012
    ye the robber baron king gets stronger too .
    IM a noob.

    Dont ask me anything


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