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Birth Of The Empire

King Avalon 2King Avalon 2 Posts: 767
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Part I:

*Once upon a time, there was an empire called Dycocia. This empire was ruled by Emperor Tortuna the Terrible. Now this emperor was the kind that oppressed the people of his kingdom. He would execute any who opposed him but he would applaud any that did dastardly deeds. So one day, in a pub the capitol of Dycocia, New Necropolis, a group of citizens gathered. The one leading, Gantor, was addressing the crowd.*

Gantor: "What should we do about this fool of a so called Emperor Tortuna?"

Person in the crowd: "We should have a revolution!"

Gantor: "Great idea! But how are we going to do this? There is only 200 of us, and over 100000 of the Dyconian Royal Army in his city."

Same person: "We must go to the Port of York! That bustling city is is full of people who oppose Tortuna! If we do this, we will have a force of 5000000. And you can be our king!"

Person 2: "But the Port of York is 500 kilometers from here! It will take 2 days to get there! Also the guards in the gates will see us going."

*Suddenly there is an earthquake and a man appears in front of Gantor. He introduces himself as Voltmore, a wizard from the Fire Peaks.*

Voltmore: "I can help you. Here are some weapons." *A pile of weaponry appears next to him* "I will distract the city guards by setting fire upon the Royal Barracks to weaken the forces and use lightning to strike the Royal Storage Facility. I might set fire to other parts of New Necropolis as well. But first I must be paid."

*Gantor gives Voltmore a sack of 10000 gold.*

Gantor: "That should be enough."

Voltmore: "Very well."

Gantor: "Anyone else want to suggest something?"

Person 3: "Well sort of? Do you really think this will work out?"

Voltmore: "Well of course this will work! Over 50% of this kingdom is against the Emperor."

Person 3: "But what about others? What about aid from other kingdoms like Burning Sands or Everwinter Glacier?"

Gantor: "I used to work for the emperors of those kingdoms. They actually don't like Tortuna. They are actually aiding us financially."

Voltmore: "Quite right. Same goes for the Queen of the Fire Peaks. She actually took sent me to help any who are against Tortuna. It took me years to find anyone gathered planning a revolution."

Person 3: "Well, that's great! So when are we going to start this uprising?"

Gantor and Voltmore in unison: "In two days"

Gantor: "... December 12, 1512 will be the date to be exact. That will be the day that we finally stand against Emperor Tortuna and will live forever in fame. So should we conclude this meeting until we meet next time near the city gates?"
*Crowd shouts agreeing. Everyone exits out.*

*Two days later, they meet near the walls. Gantor then tells Voltmore to begin. Then Voltmore blasts a hole in the wall to allow the rest to escape. Voltmore then shoots lightning out of his fingertips and fire out of his staff into certain parts of the city. There is screaming from the citizens of New Necropolis as the city is set aflame. Gantor and his followers run out of the city walls quickly as Voltmore is destroying the city. Emperor Tortuna learns of the rebels and gathers the troops he has left in his castle and troops from a nearby fort. He orders them to get to Gantor's followers before they get to the Port of York and to kill them on sight. The Army of Tortuna starts marching, slowly chasing Gantor and his followers. Emperor Tortuna looks over the burning city from his tower, looking angrily at the rebels. This is the beginning of the Dyconia Revolution.*

What do you think? It is slow at first but it will pick up soon. Part II is coming soon!
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