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Bruno24Bruno24 Posts: 10
edited 08.12.2012 in Players ask Players
I've been reading all these posts about trading and I can't make sence out of anything. Do I have to invite someone to trade? Can any levels trade? When I push the trading icon three symbols come up with numbers under them, what are the numbers for? Is trading negotiated?
Can anyone help?
Is there some site that I can go to that starts at the very begining and goes through everything slowly?
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  • EliteKiwiEliteKiwi Posts: 13
    edited 08.12.2012
    You need to build a marketplace in order to trade resources with somebody. Once you've built 1 you go to the world map, click on someones castle and select the crate icon. From there you can choose which resources you want to trade with them.

    You can't trade coins or rubies in Empire.
  • DanceRulerDanceRuler Posts: 828
    edited 08.12.2012
    At first even I thought trading was lie bartering, but it is giving out resources. You can work it out!!
  • Bruno24Bruno24 Posts: 10
    edited 08.12.2012
    Thank you. This really helps. How does the castle respond.
  • Baldrick (GB1)Baldrick (GB1) Posts: 4,948
    edited 08.12.2012
    Yes, it's not really trading as such. The term trading would mean that you send something and receive something else.

    What really happens is that you just send people stuff. It's completely up to them as to whether they give anything back. So it's wise to prearrange any resource swapping by message first. Just ask some nearby players if they're interested, or do it between members of your own alliance.

    The transport system can also be used to ship between your own castles.

    Hope this helps.
  • Bruno24Bruno24 Posts: 10
    edited 08.12.2012
    Thanks! I think I understand.
    Send a message.
    Arange a deal.
    Ship the goods.

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