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Kingsguard troops?

zultar42zultar42 Posts: 10
edited 06.05.2013 in Players ask Players
How do you get kingsguard troops. i keep getting attacked by people who have them and i was wondering how did they get them.
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  • B.StinsonB.Stinson Posts: 156
    edited 27.11.2012
    To attain access to Kingsguard troops you have to either own a capital city or be within an Alliance who owns one. However, luckily for yourself the next update coming out this morning allows these with the new titles to be able to recruit Knight of the Kingsguard & Crossbowmen of the Kingsguard so you won't have to go through the efforts and burdens involving a capital city.
  • Punk Thug (US1)Punk Thug (US1) Posts: 433
    edited 27.11.2012
    Kinda awesome folk will have new attackers. The big boys in the game are going to a bit more attacky. My self: I'm putting 5 crop on hold till I get the improved spear and bow troops
  • ewan888ewan888 Posts: 159
    edited 27.11.2012
    You can get this in the thron king event.
  • WisefireWisefire Posts: 2,941
    edited 27.11.2012
    can someone show the screenshots of the stats of kings guard troops
  • scorpionkingscorpionking Posts: 10
    edited 27.11.2012
    yes we get it by rubies a box appears of treasure in its there are kingsguards troop we can unlock it by giving a heap of rubies
  • Master Vedant (IN1)Master Vedant (IN1) IN1 Posts: 6
    edited 27.11.2012
    Kingsguard troops are unlocked if you or your alliance own a capital and therefore all alliance members can recruit them. Now if you go not have a capital you can have Kingsguards troops provided you hold the glory titles at the top.
  • WarriorDavid1WarriorDavid1 Posts: 37
    edited 09.04.2013
    what are kingsgaurds actual attack like for example kingsgaurd crossbowmen 100 attack power. Or just something like that.:)
  • edited 16.04.2013
    can you produce a screenshot of a Capital City... I've never seen one.....
  • GoooseGamer (US1)GoooseGamer (US1) Posts: 84
    edited 16.04.2013
    You can also get them thru daily pts if your lvl is high enough.
  • Cra Z GuyCra Z Guy Posts: 35
    edited 02.05.2013
    i want to get a capital, but moi Reetarded Wurld castle is not strong enough. plz add 5 more capitals
  • Nako067 (US1)Nako067 (US1) Posts: 1,851
    edited 02.05.2013
    either they have capital or they have high glory ranks or they got some from events
  • Billy962Billy962 Posts: 7,420
    edited 03.05.2013
    Cra Z Guy wrote: »
    i want to get a capital, but moi Reetarded Wurld castle is not strong enough. plz add 5 more capitals

    itll make them 2 ez 2 get. gge wants 2 encourage fighting among alliances. 5 is the max for this reason
  • Vector2012Vector2012 Posts: 16
    edited 05.05.2013
    ^^^^^^there shuld be smaler ons called citadals they spawn 10 tims more ofton they get more as they add own you can recruit ligonarys also that was levil 1 the capotil is levil 3 the city spawns 4 tims more ofton and you can recruit a new unit rorey travaling knights and travaling crossbowman it is levil 2
  • Billy962Billy962 Posts: 7,420
    edited 05.05.2013
    :):):) and i have no idea wut u just said. i think u mean a smaller version of a capital and if u do, its never gonna happen
  • Lord PorkyLord Porky Posts: 2,967
    edited 06.05.2013
    First, we need more schools to teach kids to speak English.
  • NewBOSS269NewBOSS269 Posts: 41
    edited 06.05.2013
    crossbowman of the kings guard has: 121 ranged attack, 14 melee defense, and 23 ranged defense.
    knight of the kings guard has : 132 melee attack, 18 melee defense, and 5 ranged defense
  • Billy962Billy962 Posts: 7,420
    edited 06.05.2013
    Lord Porky wrote: »
    First, we need more schools to teach kids to speak English.

    yea totally lol
  • ssikssik Posts: 138
    edited 06.05.2013
  • 459killerbee459killerbee Posts: 846
    edited 06.05.2013
    ItchyAss wrote: »
    and after that getting a life after high school.

    Man you never learn.

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