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Honour - what good is it for?

granditegrandite Posts: 1
edited 03.12.2012 in Players ask Players
Hi. Newbie question. I started playing a few days ago. I'm quite confused about this honour thing. What does honour actually do for you? I understand that if you're part of an alliance, it adds to your alliance honour but I'm not part of an alliance and I'm wondering what it actually does for me, in game terms. Same as glory points. What do they do?
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  • edited 27.11.2012
    honor- you go up ranks if you get honor.
    glory- you get various rewards.
  • ThornPrickleyThornPrickley Posts: 668
    edited 27.11.2012
    As for more specifics that josh here forgot, glory is used to go up in ranks, and the ranks have rewards. Honor adds to the amount of glory received per battle, and increases your position on a world honor chart.
  • B.StinsonB.Stinson Posts: 156
    edited 27.11.2012
    The total honor you have grants you a % bonus on the amount of glory points you would earn from attacking X target that is eligible for gaining honor. In order to complete certain achievements honor is also an involving factor such as achieving 2000 Honor Points for the Hero achievement.
  • Normy668Normy668 Posts: 22
    edited 27.11.2012
    Honour is to make you a target for players of a higher level than you for glory points during the tournaments (or any time for that matter).
    Watch out if you have over 1000 honour points, you can't attack people with say 150 honour points and get glory points for it, even if they are a higher level than you. But you can attack someone 18 levels lower than you with 1000 honour points and get glory for it. And the defender 18 levels lower will receive not a single glory point that goes towards the tournament. By the way with 400 honour points you get 35 percent bonus, 900 40 percent bonus.
  • Arch-Duke VladArch-Duke Vlad Posts: 9
    edited 03.12.2012
    on this note I have a question can robber barons give you honour if you work them up to a good lv?
  • Molson Beer (US1)Molson Beer (US1) US1 Posts: 8,443
    edited 03.12.2012
    honor- you go up ranks if you get honor.
    glory- you get various rewards.

    You dont rank up if you get honor,thats glory.

    EDIT:I dont think so Arch-Duke Vlad
  • DragonKnight2DragonKnight2 Posts: 16
    edited 03.12.2012
    no, they cannot get you honor, as with babarian towers, desert towers, and cultist towers, barbarian fortress, desert fortress, and cultists fortress
  • Punk Thug (US1)Punk Thug (US1) Posts: 433
    edited 03.12.2012
    You can also use the flag items to get a bonus on your glory points. if you don't like being a target (like coward me) You can get decent glory while keeping low honor, but It cost A TON of gold, 900 gold/150 rubies for 10%/20%

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