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How do I Loot? How much do I need? My bird is leaving tomorrow HELP!


I understand that I have to eventually start fighting [real] Castles not just RBCs but Im afraid that I am going to mess up terribly. It's taking me forever to train all my men, and build weapons however even with the RBCs Im afraid Im using too much man power.

Whats a good way of knowing what and how much to use? And also, when I am logged out, are people going to attack me without my little bird friend??

Appreciate all the help.. Thanks.
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  • Rachel_LeAnneRachel_LeAnne Posts: 4
    edited 15.11.2012
    I also need an alliance.. I play everyday for hours at a time, so anyone wanting to take me under their wing, I would gladly be of your service!
  • B.StinsonB.Stinson Posts: 156
    edited 16.11.2012
    A fairly accurate espionage (70%-100%) is a good indication of what variation of troops and equipment to use as well as how many.

    Presuming you are at a rather low level and zero honor count there shouldn't be any potent players wanting to attack you just others in a similar situation as yourself. You can simply deterrent any attacks from these players with a reasonable defensive force occupying your whole wall along with all your towers being upgraded to their maximum potential.
  • Smithbrah2Smithbrah2 Posts: 24
    edited 16.11.2012
    Hello Rachel,

    Your zyzz bird of peace may be flying away, but this opens windows to many new opportunities. Embrace the change my beloved, and please, stay safe.
  • PseudoPegPseudoPeg Posts: 52
    edited 18.11.2012
    Rachel - I just looked you up in the game and your level 12 already! You should have no trouble getting into an alliance. I would gladly welcome you into my alliance, but you're too far away for me to be any real help to you.

    Start knockin' on doors girl! or move up to PsuedoPeg. I'm not a master warrior, but I'm great with resource developement and management. You would want for nothing (except soldiers, coin, rubies....)
  • plodplod Posts: 1
    edited 18.11.2012
    Hey you guys are NOT answering the question and it is mine as well - STEP by STEP ... how does one LOOT another castle ... there are NO instructions on HOW TO!!!!
  • BraveShadow1BraveShadow1 Posts: 343
    edited 18.11.2012
    i sent you a message and a request to move closer to me
  • BraveShadow1BraveShadow1 Posts: 343
    edited 18.11.2012
    you loot a castle by attacking it and then your men take the resources they can take
  • The Epic DudeThe Epic Dude Posts: 555
    edited 18.11.2012
    ahh yes people might atk u after ur bird goes away but having a delicate amount of soildiers would help

    u can also buy a new bird with rubies....
  • allan11allan11 Posts: 3
    edited 18.11.2012
    knowbody will attack after loged off.Im level 8.I joined on thursday.It is rare getting attacked.a horn will appear then I start buying people and start buying stuff to help me defend the castle.I got attacked once
  • allan11allan11 Posts: 3
    edited 18.11.2012
    Il be your alliance.
  • Jameshurling11HJameshurling11H Posts: 1
    edited 18.11.2012
    There really is no way to know if youre being attacked unless your unfriendly with some lords.
  • edited 19.11.2012
    You'll be fine. Join misc betas. We have wood for you.
  • khuong1994khuong1994 Posts: 18
    edited 19.11.2012
    You can come join the misc betas and we can send you some wood nomsayin.
  • GnomeSaiyanGnomeSaiyan Posts: 184
    edited 19.11.2012
    How To Loot A Castle: A Step-by-Step Approach

    1) Pick A Castle
    2) Send Troops to that Castle
    3) Kill that castles Troops
    4) Steal their loot

    It really is that simple. If you need more info there's plenty more where that came from
  • jack64189jack64189 Posts: 2
    edited 20.11.2012
    the assasins i would be happy to help 83 spot in the game
  • jack64189jack64189 Posts: 2
    edited 20.11.2012
    ps im lev 22
  • rafael2001rafael2001 Posts: 14
    edited 20.11.2012
    i am level 25! i need 312 xp for level 26
  • edited 21.11.2012
    How to loot?

    All your soldiers can carry a certain amount of loot (displayed in their information screen). I'm pretty sure that any that survive the battle will take as much as they can hold (until all remaining loot is in the opponents safe camp). You will eventually unlock loot sacks (and carts) too which can carry more.
  • gamerjake (US1)gamerjake (US1) Posts: 40
    edited 22.11.2012
    I will let you into my sub-alliance of UW Knights if you move closer to us we can send you resources to help you lv up and help you in your attacks
  • rathennrathenn Posts: 60
    edited 25.12.2012
    :) hmm i was wondering that question myself and not one of has replied how do you use the loot sacks like umm where can u make sure your soldiers have them am i close ? oh ya and the dummies go where again so much wood to make them how do u put them where lol

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