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voting thread who is the best alliance

windwalker1windwalker1 Posts: 65
edited 09.11.2012 in Off Topic
vote for the best alliance
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  • HelmlerHelmler Posts: 978
    edited 09.11.2012
    vote for the best alliance

    No. There are sooooo many of these threads now, we really, really, really don't need anymore. I don't even know which server you are talking about, since 2 of them I recognise from Int1, one from usa1 I think and the others I haven't even heard of. And you've missed out almost all the big alliances from Int1 and all the alliances from Int2.

    This thread is not only pointless, it doesn't even make sense.
    Helmler @ WWW 1 Rayo McQueen @ WWW2

    Proud Member of Black~Rose~Fire (in spirit if not body)
  • UltimateJhonUltimateJhon Posts: 767
    edited 09.11.2012
    and uk1
    hunting guild
    4 alliances mainly high lvls soon more lliances steel reborn
    General of Greek empire.

    I own the fire sparta league , to join ask me , we stick together we die together.
  • SvetovnaSilaSvetovnaSila Posts: 583
    edited 09.11.2012
    The best alliance is MAGIC but it is not at your list. where are BB, STEEL, MAGIC, HW, reapers, black rose?
  • JonBerserk7 (US1)JonBerserk7 (US1) Posts: 9,135
    edited 09.11.2012
    there is a mix, but you are missing some of the big alliances from USA 1 too, so we have no idea what you are talking about here, even though you are on USA 1
    JonBerserk7 @ usa 1
    edited 09.11.2012
    Yea, if you wanna do a vote than at LEAST get all the major alliances and do one for each server, I know nothing about WWW1 and WWW2 servers.
    QUEEN DINA @ usa 1
  • windwalker1windwalker1 Posts: 65
    edited 09.11.2012
    i just named a bunch of random alliances that i now of
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] jansen windwalker,knight of the old republic

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