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Concentric walls

knightttknighttt Posts: 2
hi everybody,

Here are some of my ideas:

Concentric Walls In the middle ages powerful castles had concentric walls to better their defenses. When you reach a level, say 40, you would be given the option to create another wall outside of the original wall. Then you would have two walls. You could also upgrade the new wall, towers, and gate. This would double the defense bonus of the castle walls and gates. You could also place buildings between the walls, substantially increasing the amount of land in your castle.

Working drawbridge the drawbridge in the moat should be able to raise and lower. When you are notified of an approaching enemy, you would be given the option of raising the drawbridge, greatly increasing its defense bonus. After the attack, you would lower the drawbridge again. This would encourage people to be online more often, so they could operate the bridge. But, there would be a cost of $100 per hour it is raised, to prevent people from raising it forever.

Clock tower Towers in real castles are not all the same height. There should be a decoration called the clock tower. It can only be placed on a level 3 tower or higher, replacing it. You could only have one per castle, and it would give you 150 PO, and still have the same defenses. Then, the castle towers won't look as boring.

What do you guys think?

I'm open to suggestions
General of the Riders of Rohan @usa1
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  • nathan978nathan978 Posts: 256
    edited 13.10.2012
    the first one was super awesome the second one was awesome and the third was great
    nathan978 @ usa 1
  • HeroDonaldiHeroDonaldi Posts: 55
    edited 13.10.2012
    i think is good .
    a good thing could be and that when a attack is approaching to you .. you can attack his troops in the way .. and make them not to arrive your castle or arrive if are strong :/
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    HeroDonaldi @International 1
  • JJ5542JJ5542 Posts: 1,580
    edited 13.10.2012
    Nice ideas!! they could be improved but a good start....
    JJ554 @ WWW 2, and..... Korea 1
  • Luke FieryswordLuke Fierysword Posts: 2,290
    edited 13.10.2012
    Looking from the point of view of a defender, all the ideas are great...
    But looking from the point of view of an attacker, not so great....
    Roman Empire

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  • mihajlo97mihajlo97 Posts: 1,180
    edited 13.10.2012
    every thing except the working drawbridge is great,there will have to be an animation and if there is an animation of that then there will have to be an animation of the solders.But seriesly everything else is graet
    @ international 1
    Member of the Inferno family 8)
  • xJadetsssxxJadetsssx Posts: 5,983
    edited 13.10.2012
    Nice Ideas, except the drawbridge, but the first one is unfair for the attacker, so if you have two walls, I think you should be able to send 2080 soldiers and 800 tools to a castle.
    Does this looks like the face of mercy?

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    xJadetsssx @ Ɩ ǝsɹǝʌıun
  • nathan978nathan978 Posts: 256
    edited 13.10.2012
    I like the wall thing. you should make a poll for this
    nathan978 @ usa 1
  • DFlynnDFlynn Posts: 216
    edited 14.10.2012
    i think the attacker is already at a disadvantage because of the wall, moat etc. so why give the defender an even bigger advantage? you shouldn't need any more defences than what you already have. Goodgame empire are trying to encourage people to attack more and these ideas will make them more cautious so it probably wont happen. the clock tower is basically just another declarative item that you have to trade a tower for so i guess it's an ok idea. but you will lose a tower so you will have less defences, i thought you were trying to make your castle defences stronger???
    DFlynn @ WWW 1
  • JonBerserk7 (US1)JonBerserk7 (US1) Posts: 9,135
    edited 14.10.2012
    about the walls, one word no. i have to send enough troops out as it is. drawbridge maybe. clock tower= why not but it probably wont be worth 150 po if they put it in
    JonBerserk7 @ usa 1
  • xx5000xxxx5000xx Posts: 19
    edited 14.10.2012
    I don't think I like the wall idea--'Buildings within the walls' really confusing

    the working drawbridge cost is how much again? You have $100 an hour--do you mean rubies or gold coin? This would make people that are super powerful already even stronger.

    and the clocktower--there is a clock on the marketplace about level 5 & 6.
    xx5000xx @ usa 1
  • alexeptionalalexeptional Posts: 498
    edited 14.10.2012
    for the drwabridge, how about as long as it is up you are not producing any resources, as you can see the people going out the the fields/woods/quarry to get them, with the drawbridge up, you would be better protected, but it would prevent people from always having it up as you would not be producing any resources. perhaps to compensate for this the offensive moat tools could be produced faster to alow more of them as the defending player will be at too much of an advantage and it would save introduction of another tool.
    alexeptional @ en 1
  • edited 14.10.2012
    You cant just double the defenses without introducing attack tools that are twice as strong. But I like the idea of new walls and more space too.

    My idea for a wall upgrade would be a star fort, but that's obviously hard to implement on a map that's based on squares. But its not impossible.
    Starting Line @ WWW 2, stealer of insane amounts of honor.


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