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level up

Del Boy 1Del Boy 1 Posts: 1
edited 12.10.2012 in Players ask Players
ho do i level up?
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  • HeroDonaldiHeroDonaldi Posts: 55
    edited 11.10.2012
    Build things and complete objectives who give Xp !
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  • cheeze-it-guycheeze-it-guy Posts: 955
    edited 11.10.2012
    dear del boy 1.

    in order to level up you can look at the big red book in the game on the right side of the screen. these quest are sometimes easy and hard. if you would look at your name on the top left you will see how much XP you have and how much more you need to level up like this. 100-50. that means you have 100, and now you need is 50 more.
    you can also earn XP points in battles or building some houses. you can double your XP points in battle and in building by your research tower.

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  • Conqueror9Conqueror9 Posts: 896
    edited 12.10.2012
    Del Boy 1 wrote: »
    ho do i level up?

    look at your top left corner
    put your mouse on the experience above your player name

    it tell u
    level of player is actually player's experience level
    how much experience u need to get to next level

    go to right semi-lower, open the quest
    it tell u ...when u completed some quest, they give u a lot of experience
    u can get experience form bulding/upgrading and hit RBC, but hugh experience a all obtianed by completeing those quest
    Conqueror9 @ au 1

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