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Army trick

attcking robber barrons lvl 1 put 2 handed sword men up the middle and attck 125 and you will get alot of coins
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  • xJadetsssxxJadetsssx Posts: 5,983
    edited 06.10.2012
    Yes, for a Robber Baron level 35 I put 35 of those and I will win, seriously, be more specific before making an advice, and besides that strategy cannot be useful all the time, you will always fight in the keep at -30% of power, so with a robber baron, let's say level 8 or 9 that will not work well
  • smoken006 (INT2)smoken006 (INT2) INT2 Posts: 63
    edited 08.10.2012
  • leonidas6114leonidas6114 Posts: 161
    edited 10.10.2012
    what do you mean tell it again
  • Sunny11113Sunny11113 Posts: 1
    edited 10.10.2012
    u mean that we need to put 125 two handed sword men??
  • T_PACKT_PACK Posts: 433
    edited 10.10.2012
    He means attack 125 different level 1 RBCs, using 2 2HS up the middle for each... but you wouldn't have enough commanders to do it all at once, plus they'd start getting pretty far away, so it would take a while.

    - T_PACK
  • Lord HarithLord Harith Posts: 129
    edited 10.10.2012
    That's crazy, just do what everyone else does and attack a few that are close to you and level them up, instead of attacking 125 robber barons!?!?!
  • it904it904 Posts: 168
    edited 10.10.2012
    if u want loads of coins and rubies then attack the desert and barbarian fortresses in the other realms
  • LegendaryKing64LegendaryKing64 Posts: 173
    edited 10.10.2012
    it904 wrote: »
    if u want loads of coins and rubies then attack the desert and barbarian fortresses in the other realms

    Can we at least assume that the player is between level 5 and 25, and 25-40. Not everyone has access to the desert or barbarian fortresses. I have already stated it before. I know that, if you attack a level 45 cultist tower, you can be guaranteed 10k in coins. Now, you send out 9 different attacks(assuming that you have enough troops to complete the exercises) to the cultists towers and if you win all nine, that means you win a minimum 90k in coins in 30 minutes. During the weekend, if there are no wars, you could repeat this exercise 4-5 times per day assuming that it takes 2 hours for a cultist tower to get back to normal state. Therefore, during one half-day, it is very possible to get nearly 500k in coins. Who needs to collect taxes..eh!!!

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