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KingJoshKingJosh Posts: 64
edited 07.10.2012 in Players ask Players
How many farmhouses are ideal for the main castle and outpost with "8 food?"
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  • ironhideeironhidee Posts: 80
    edited 07.10.2012
    7 for main castle and 12 for a 8 food outpost.
    ironhidee @ www 1
  • DamianFighterDamianFighter Posts: 65
    edited 07.10.2012
    12-14. after that decorations are more effective for increasing production.
    DamianFighter @ WWW 2
  • NeymarPlayerNeymarPlayer Posts: 142
    edited 07.10.2012
    12 always because 12 X 88 (level 10 farmhouse) if you only had things like macemen then you can have 528 men
    which seems a small number but multiply that by four with all your outposts and main then you have the number of
    2107 but that is if you only used macemen and spearmen and warriors that only use 2 food consumpition
  • DFlynnDFlynn Posts: 216
    edited 07.10.2012
    i know this is kinda off topic but what about woodcutters and stone quarry's? i assume that they would be the same 12 for the main castle. but it depends on how many of the others you have. like is it best to have 12 of each?
    DFlynn @ WWW 1
  • DamianFighterDamianFighter Posts: 65
    edited 07.10.2012
    5-6 in main and 6-7 in 8food outposts. if you have resource outposts 12 is best.

    this is in response to DFlynn.
    DamianFighter @ WWW 2
  • edited 07.10.2012
    I second DamianFighter. I'd go for 6 resource production buildings in castles with 2/3 resource plants; 12-14 for 6/8 resources plant outposts.
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