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a bug after chosing a spot to move my castle

sir boefiesir boefie Posts: 3
edited 09.11.2012 in Technical Assistance
after i choose a new location for mij main castle. just a few steps down to improve my stream of builing material.
I wanted to send a carriage of wood to my main castlle. and i got the message.

"you cannot attack this castlle anymore"

what is up with that?? most be a bug, i hope it disapears after my castlle is moved

(english is my third language so i'm sorry for the gramatics)

Greetzz sir Boefie
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  • Sir BoyOfTheTinSir BoyOfTheTin Posts: 9
    edited 25.09.2012
    So ive located somewhere new to place my castle, it will take 24 hours, checking on it now i see that a new castle has popped up in the place im supposed to be moving too,

    So am i right in assuming GoodGame are making me wait 24 hours to tell me it cant be moved?!

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  • lordsaruman (US1)lordsaruman (US1) US1 Posts: 926
    edited 25.09.2012
    It should have been reserved for you, wait and see what happens, if you fail to move contact support.
  • UltimateJhonUltimateJhon Posts: 767
    edited 25.09.2012
    were i am movin my castle to a new player has appeared!"!!!!!!!!!
    i am moving near my friend eagle and a new player has appeared were i have reserved my new place for it even says your castle will be moved in 17 hours
    what is going on
    i demand that new player be moved were i am NOT moving to

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  • edited 25.09.2012
    Dear All

    If any of you are experiencing the same issue please post in this thread rather than create a new one.

    Thanks in advance
  • UltimateJhonUltimateJhon Posts: 767
    edited 25.09.2012
    whats goin to happen to my castle???
  • steve3337steve3337 Posts: 1
    edited 25.09.2012
    Im having the same problem as ultimatejhon, I had the spot reserved and somebody new moved in. also cannot transport resources or station troops. Help please!!
  • sir boefiesir boefie Posts: 3
    edited 25.09.2012
    and the strange thing is, there was an nice flag with my name on it, where my castlle was going.. that's gone now too... ik hope the can fix al the bugs. and can't even send troops to help my other castlle... very anoying..
  • Syndrome15Syndrome15 Posts: 42
    edited 25.09.2012
    how do you move castle
  • minimum2minimum2 Posts: 2
    edited 26.09.2012
    i started playing yesterday and wanted to move to a spot close to a friend of mine
    so i reserved a location yesterday morning now 24 hours later there is a new in that
    spot that i "reserved"

    do your developers even test new features before adding them to the game
    this is a stupid mistake fix it re.....

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  • PurplePancakesPurplePancakes Posts: 219
    edited 26.09.2012
    i dont think you actually reserve it, i think you just choose the spot and if it is ruins, you see how much longer it needs, then i think you just have to get the spot first
  • famous nadinfamous nadin Posts: 335
    edited 26.09.2012
    purple pp is right i thought your castle was again too lvl1
  • minimum2minimum2 Posts: 2
    edited 26.09.2012
    please stop thinking PP im talking about facts if you dont know anything about the subject then dont reply it
    only makes you look stupid

    cant you guys read i choose the spot and my flag was planted there were no ruins in that spot
    also my castle hasn't moved and if i want to move now i have to pay 5000 rubies
  • KasSoloMCKasSoloMC Posts: 101
    edited 26.09.2012
    thats the bad part .... who would want to pay 5k rubies for a "chance" to move

    i wasnt able to send support to our capital during those 24 hours too! which not only left our capital with less defense but now i have to wait another 24 hours without being able to do anything with that castle during that time ... again??? but now i know to choose the move with stocking capital first for 3 days and my guys will stay for the duration.
    i set my alarm to wake up at 5 am to get a jump on "reserving" my spot!
    it wasnt reserved. a brand new player showed up there!
  • beaston47beaston47 Posts: 1
    edited 26.09.2012
    i tried to moved my castle from one point to another yesterday and my castle is still in the same spot after the 24 hour thing and it's trying to charge me 5000 when i haven't moved yet
  • made2win2made2win2 Posts: 123
    edited 26.09.2012
    after my 24 hour waiting period i didn't move eather it says will be available again in 14 days? X( ?(
  • barnacle (GB1)barnacle (GB1) Posts: 33
    edited 26.09.2012
    i did the same thing,, also didnt move,,anyyone no whats going on not pleased about it....
  • FastMasonFastMason Posts: 9
    edited 26.09.2012
    my 24 hours is up also haventt moved an inch and its trying to charge me 5000 rubies for the second move :!
  • Baldrick (GB1)Baldrick (GB1) Posts: 4,948
    edited 26.09.2012
    There seems to be an issue with the "reserved space" being taken by new players. I guess it's better than losing your castle.

    Message support and ask for them to reset your castle move count back to zero.
  • made2win2made2win2 Posts: 123
    edited 26.09.2012
    ok will do
  • Impetuous MinxImpetuous Minx Posts: 89
    edited 26.09.2012
    I am looking to move my castle.

    I have a ruins 13 units next to me that has an outpost with alot of leveled up buildings. Also next to the area is two unused shiny outposts as well.

    Do I attack and take the outpost before I move (I will be moving to the ruins of the former outpost and I do not want to somehow erase the outpost and ruin the reason of moving). Also I do not want to first take the outpost, move, and than lose it as I am moved over.

    Any ideas for the best route?

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