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13K rubies

Loggan08Loggan08 Posts: 143
edited 24.09.2012 in Players ask Players
got 13K rubies, what should i buy
im level 36 almost 37
should i save them for bakery lvl 4 at level 40?
Loggan08 @ International 1

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  • ~Farsight~~Farsight~ Posts: 852
    edited 20.09.2012
    ruby moat?
    Don't push me...
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    lvl 56 and growing only 4 more to go!!! if i can count them on my fingers i can certainly do it on the game!!!:D
  • M.Arsalan AliM.Arsalan Ali Posts: 94
    edited 20.09.2012
    you should spend it on upgrading stable or you can also save it for bakery, both will be useful.....

    The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy.
  • Loggan08Loggan08 Posts: 143
    edited 20.09.2012
    I have level 3 stable, level 1 watchtower and level 1 drill ground, level 3 bakery as of now also.

    How much is the ruby moat?
    Loggan08 @ International 1

  • BobFighter834 (INT2)BobFighter834 (INT2) Posts: 2,762
    edited 20.09.2012
    I suggest lvl 4 bakeries and lvl 1 training grounds in all castles before anything else. You may want to spend bits and pieces - maybe the occasional tax collector bribe at a low level or a food overseer when you've got a big army or maybe you could buy a new target from the shady character. Certain things are almost a must - a lone shadow ladder (12 rubies, I think) and 500 coins from the travelling merchant (60 rubies) to complete 2 event achievements by spending the lowest possible amount of rubies, for instance.
    BobFighter834 - International 2.

    "It's not about the rubies, rubies, rubies
    We don't need your rubies, rubies, rubies
    We just wanna make the world dance
    Forget about the price tag" - by Jessie J (sort of)

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  • Conqueror9Conqueror9 Posts: 896
    edited 21.09.2012
    if possible

    transport to me as a gift ( mission impossible as i am in different world) , so u do not need to worry "how to use it"

    have fun to use those rubies
    Conqueror9 @ au 1
  • LOL LOL2LOL LOL2 Posts: 566
    edited 21.09.2012
    yes wait and buy bakery 4
  • Dun Gon (INT2)Dun Gon (INT2) Posts: 3,656
    edited 21.09.2012
    Ruby moat is not really worth it, compared to the bakery. Save for the bakery lvl 4.
    Dun Gon @ WWW 2
    Retired from duties in September 2015.

    Once Leader of Phoenix Sword and the once prominent alliance empire, Phoenix. Proud member of now collapsed OU. All organizations mentioned above have collapsed or merged into other prominent alliances since. Co-founder of the Force family.

    "I have seen many wars fought through my four years on this server. I have seen families rise and fall. I have been members of prominent organizations in International 1 and International 2, and have played in United States 1 with my forum buddies as well. It has shown me many things, but mainly that every action that is partaken in this game and in the world can only be deemed right or wrong depending upon your perspective. Never pass the blame, fight hard to succeed. As a non-ruby player, I managed to create and nurture not one but two of the most successful alliance families in International 2. Believe, there is always another path. Success is determined by the amount of effort you are willing to put in"
  • famous nadinfamous nadin Posts: 335
    edited 24.09.2012
    the castle moat (ruby moat) is very useful and you could use them too level up quickthen lvl 60 wont attack you too or a castle moat both are worth your castle
    counting on my fingers no one beats me till now,waiting for a true warrior that will fight me8):D;):(
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