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Open Letter to All Directors of the GGS Parent Company regarding Empire



  • FlyingpigzFlyingpigz Posts: 294
    edited 13.09.2012
    Not a ruby player, but it's still outrageous all the same.

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    It has been almost a week now, yet we still do not have an official reply or response.

    Mods, could you keep us posted?
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    Hi community,

    I have this morning received the response from the directors to the letter posted in this thread. Please see below -
    Dear Goodgame Empire community,

    First of all we really would like to thank you for this letter, your feedback and especially for the patience and trust that you have shown during the last couple of weeks. We would like to apologize for the problems with the Prime Times on Saturday 1st and on Friday 7th. The great feedback and support for this letter deserves a public response!

    Regarding the Prime Times, we would like to explain a little what happened during the last week: The 100% bonus on rubies on Saturday 1st was a great offer to our loyal players all over the world – and as we saw there are a lot, in this case too many players that wanted to get some bonus rubies. This great demand was too much for our payment servers and so the whole payment shop broke down. We are very sorry, since this didn’t just frustrate you – our loyal players – but also us. As many of you already mentioned we were down nearly 4 hours and in this time no purchases were possible, in eight different games. Don’t worry – we didn’t want this to happen again and we were searching for improvements for our servers during the week. The next 75% Prime Time on Friday 7th was not the announced compensation but just another Prime Time (there was also a 50% one on Wednesday 5th). We planned another 100% Prime Time for this week, which was supposed to be the big bonus and “ingame-apology”, but with the issues from last weekend we cancelled it and want to make sure first the servers are actually able to handle all of you, even in the first couple of seconds when there are thousands of players entering the payment shop. Why didn’t Customer Service grant 100% vouchers? We felt it would be better to offer something for everyone and not just the players that contacted us via support and wrote a ticket, but we couldn’t predict the problems and the cancellation of the scheduled new 100% Prime Time. If we had known it would take more than 10 days to set up a new 100% Prime Time we would have changed our decision and would have distributed vouchers. We have learned our lesson and if it happens again then 100% vouchers will definitely be an option.

    Again: we would like to apologize for the inconveniences of the last two weeks! It was of course never our intention to betray anyone since in this case this also hurts our revenues – and of course without revenues we couldn’t do all these great games! We are currently working on improvements to make sure this will not happen again because it dissatisfies you and us – there will be a 100% Prime Time in the (near) future. We are of course working on even more promotions and bonuses for the future. We ask for your comprehension regarding the timing of the next 100% Prime Time. We want it to work perfectly, so it might take some time, but of course there will be 25%, 50% and even 75% Prime Times in the next days and weeks!

    Best regards,
    The Goodgame Studios

    If you have any further comments please do feel free to post them.

  • vishal111vishal111 Posts: 50
    edited 14.09.2012
    what are vouchers?and from where to get them???
  • LegoNenenLegoNenen Posts: 98
    edited 14.09.2012
    Ok, Problem solved, or Being Solved...
  • Bertstare.jpgBertstare.jpg Posts: 17
    edited 19.09.2012
    Glad to see a response
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