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Embarrassment for ggs !!! We should leave this game if no response

kursedAngelkursedAngel Posts: 2
edited 09.09.2012 in Technical Assistance
Hi ggs team,

please use the money you get from us for upgrading your hamster powered servers,

no excuse or support for this required

whatever is lost is already too hard to handle...

Looking at the state of affairs in the last 2 weeks no ruby bonus has worked.... Not even one

wakeeeeeeeeee upppp !!!

And fix the server hosting the shop or get a new rented one till you fix it ?

kursedAngel @ WWW 2
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  • lllkk02 (INT1)lllkk02 (INT1) Posts: 78
    edited 09.09.2012
    Don't scold to the gge team.how dare you:(

    OW! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.What will happen next???


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  • ~Farsight~~Farsight~ Posts: 852
    edited 09.09.2012
    the paymentshop is working fine
    Don't push me...
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    lvl 56 and growing only 4 more to go!!! if i can count them on my fingers i can certainly do it on the game!!!:D
  • edited 09.09.2012
    Hi kursedAngel

    There was no need to start a new thread for this, we already have a number there for ruby purchasing issues.

    I'm also not sure where you are getting your numbers from. We have only had 2 sever crashes from the ruby offers and they are both within 8 days.


    P.s. Thread locked
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