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Castles to the next level.

Baldrick (GB1)Baldrick (GB1) Posts: 4,948
edited 09.09.2012 in Players ask Players
This is more of a discussion than a question really.

I'm in the fortunate position that I have almost fully built all seven castles. I now have a few decisions to make.

I have almost completed all research and can fund the remaining easily from my main castle.

Therefor, I produce far more resources than I can ever use. I supply my alliance and also some friends with stone and wood. I also donate more resources to the alliance funds than we can use.

So here's my question. Should I demolish resource buildings in my castles/outposts?

The benefits being that I will have more space for dwellings (more taxes) and decorations (more food and resources). At the moment I make 1800 coins per 10 minutes. I intend to increase this amount soon to at least 2000.

Additionally, do I really need defense/siege workshops in every outpost? I can easily move tools in from my main castle.

I would be interested to find out if any other players have made these kinds of changes and how much benefits they have seen.

Additionally, what happens if GGS decide to upgrade our walls and keeps to level 5? Will I have enough resources available to build them.

It's all a question about balance really and if anyone has any advice or views on these issues I would be very happy to hear them.
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  • ~Farsight~~Farsight~ Posts: 852
    edited 09.09.2012
    main castles keep the same but posts......
    just for food
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  • BadgameBadgame Posts: 399
    edited 09.09.2012
    I would demolish all resource buildings but 3, have 5 dwellings in main castle, 3 in ur outposts, 8 in the winter, sand and fire
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  • DarkAdam327DarkAdam327 Posts: 115
    edited 09.09.2012
    Badgame wrote: »
    I would demolish all resource buildings but 3, have 5 dwellings in main castle, 3 in ur outposts, 8 in the winter, sand and fire
    Good idea but probably more dwellings
    DarkAdam327 @ en 1
  • M.Arsalan AliM.Arsalan Ali Posts: 94
    edited 09.09.2012
    I don't think that it is a good idea as increasing the number of dwellings will also effect the food production which mean that you can feed less number of soldiers.

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  • LOL LOL2LOL LOL2 Posts: 566
    edited 09.09.2012
    you dont really need dwellings either if you have high level robber barons, barbarian towers,desert towers, and cultist towers. You can easily earn tons of coins and resources from them :P
  • baldr1ckbaldr1ck Posts: 1
    edited 09.09.2012
    Thanks for the info guys.

    As it is I have 12 level 10 dwellings most of my castles. So I make a decent amount of tax.

    I really wanted to know if anyone else has started to demolish unneeded buildings to make way for dwellings and decorations.

    Seems a bit of a waste to knock them down but if I don't need them.....

    Thanks for the input.
    baldr1ck @ WWW 1

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