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taking over castles

when we attack castles and burn all of there buildings we should be able to take over the castle
Post edited by GuruFighter128 on
GuruFighter128 @ WWW 1


  • craziocrazio Posts: 4
    edited 27.05.2012
    I agree with this idea, it will would make the game way better
    crazio @ WWW 1
  • xrunepandaxxrunepandax Posts: 28
    edited 27.05.2012
    Sorry to say..but this is a bad idea. High level trolls will attack, attack, and attack lower level players, and eventually they will have too many castles which has a Big Advantage with resources, army, and some other stuff I'm to lazy to say.
    100 coins says that you read/looked and my signature. 8o
  • GranteDGranteD Posts: 31
    edited 28.05.2012
    Nope,I disagree
    what if an alliance with many members attack you and take over your castle and then take all you outpost ?
    what do you want to play ?
    tic tac toe on the ground ?
    Totally bad idea..
  • LOL LOL2LOL LOL2 Posts: 566
    edited 28.05.2012
    A horrible idea to even consider in this game as the huge alliances and their members would dominate every castle in existence
  • Super spy814Super spy814 Posts: 127
    edited 28.05.2012
    yeah what if the top 3 players take over YOUR castle?Would you like that?
    thronking.pngSuper spy814 @ WWW 1 ∞ LIFE TO ALL LONG LIVE GOODGAME EMPIRE
  • NirwemenNirwemen Posts: 118
    edited 28.05.2012
    If someone takes over your castle, are you going back to square one?? This is unfair for players who have a weak army but very good buildings.. And what are you going to do with two castles???!! If this happens, a really good player will take over every single castle and he will be the ruler of the game!!! Sorry to say this, but it is a horrible idea:(
  • edited 28.05.2012
    it is fine if you are in the 1% top level/honor, but 99% of us arent. It would create like an Empire, however, like you need to pay taxes to us in resources, or we will attack you...
  • Furious3lfFurious3lf Posts: 24
    edited 28.05.2012
    Building Suggestion:
    Estate level 5 (It will have everything the same as level 3, but will take more space)

    Estate level 4: You can capture 1 castle from a player that is 5 levels under you or above you

    Estate level 5: You can capture 1 more castle from a player that is 3 levels under or above you

    You will capture the castle once it has been deafeated in a fight

    Originally posted by: Gurufighter128

    Thread merged with one on existing topic- Bunzy
    Thanks For Reading My Posts.
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    Furious3lf 8)
  • 12kroko12kroko Posts: 243
    edited 28.05.2012
    Hate it we already have to much ppl are busy on new kindoms you think that they wont more castles
    12kroko @ WWW 1
  • Super spy814Super spy814 Posts: 127
    edited 28.05.2012
    Hey Furious3lf would YOU like it if the top 3 players on your world took over your main castle and outposts?
    thronking.pngSuper spy814 @ WWW 1 ∞ LIFE TO ALL LONG LIVE GOODGAME EMPIRE
  • Itt2Itt2 Posts: 63
    edited 28.05.2012
    No matter how you twist or turn or look at it, taking over another players main castle is just a bad idea and should not be in this game.
  • StrongRoddyStrongRoddy Posts: 44
    edited 29.05.2012
    @ Itt2 - agreed
    StrongRoddy @ usa 1 Mali kozji
  • jake lathropjake lathrop Posts: 12
    edited 08.09.2012
    :( bad idea as the others said the top 3 would rule the empire
    jake lathrop @ usa 1
  • BossdudeBossdude Posts: 386
    edited 08.09.2012
    plus it says in the guide that no one can take over your main castle.
    Who's boss now?????:D
    Bossdude @ International 2
  • alexeptionalalexeptional Posts: 498
    edited 08.09.2012
    Being able to take over someone else's main castle is never going to happen, get over it. If u want to do that,capture one of their outposts, that is as close as u will ever get
    alexeptional @ en 1
  • GreatOsamaGreatOsama Posts: 184
    edited 08.09.2012
    Completely hate it, if GGS update this idea then I swear that I killing GuruFighter128 and anyone else who supports him too much. You should know who I am.
    COME ON!! NO MORE ROYAL DUTIES, I know I am the king just level me up already.
  • Luke FieryswordLuke Fierysword Posts: 2,290
    edited 08.09.2012
    GreatOsama wrote: »
    Completely hate it, if GGS update this idea then I swear that I killing GuruFighter128 and anyone else who supports him too much. You should know who I am.

    I'll just ignore that....

    Sorry but this is not really a great idea, as people before me have stated, higher level players will easily control the entire map.
    Roman Empire

    Ambition Courage Loyalty
  • HelmlerHelmler Posts: 978
    edited 08.09.2012
    I quite like it, since I could try and steal a ruby players castle and get myself bakery lv4 etc without paying any cash. Wonderful. :)

    Of course, I hope they never introduce this idea, it would be terrible for the game. It's bad enough that you can build up a great outpost only to have someone steal it away from you. Castles would be much, much worse. And if they take your castle, what happens to your account? Since you no longer have a castle and can't start a new one you automatically "lose" and get kicked out of the game? Since you would lose your estate you would also lose all your outposts, does that mean the victor gets to have six outposts?

    Obviously you haven't even begun to think this one through.
    Helmler @ WWW 1 Rayo McQueen @ WWW2

    Proud Member of Black~Rose~Fire (in spirit if not body)

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